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Red Velvet Cannibalism Theory

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The story starts from this song as it is the point where Yeri is integrated into Red Velvet. Here we can see the girls sitting around a table with many plates of food that if we pay attention is in very bad condition.

This could represent that the food is bland and inedible for them, as if they were already bored with the same old foods and wanted to try "new things".

From the lyrics we could tell that they are in "a fantasy they waited a long time for", and that they are "Naturally attracted to something and act automatically".

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Here in this song, the girls refer to the first day they "found that new flavor they were looking for" as here they talk about "The special day" referring to that first moment.

"Please give me that sweet taste ice cream cake" they speak as if that person has that flavor that they crave so much.
"It’s so tasty come and chase me, I can’t hold it in I scream, you scream." Here they are talking about the persecution of the victim and maybe even the murder since they say "I scream, you scream".

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In the lyrics of this song, the girls talk about "Mannequins" which could refer to corpses since mannequins are human-shaped figures that have a rigid posture, just like lifeless human bodies. (In Bad boy this is more relevant).

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The song begins by saying, "Surrounded by a sharp secret behind a veil", perhaps it is an important reference to the penultimate comeback because in the promotional images you can see the girls covered by a veil and what has been mentioned in the previous songs.

The video is very explicit since in it you can see all the girls trying to kill each other, this represents all the different ways in which they try to capture their victims.

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In the music video we can see the girls smelling a kind of pink smoke and they start to create a kind of very colorful world in their heads, this maybe to be less obvious. In the mv we can see how a kind of humanoid figure covered in flowers is chasing them, but instead they try to get away from him by hiding, in several scenes it seems that they are playing hide and seek.

This strange humanoid being could symbolize some policeman who is trying to solve the case of the strange disappearances that have been happening (In Peek-A-Boo this can be seen better). But because the girls are under the effect of a strange substance they distort it to the point of seeing it that way.

At the end of the video, Irene is seen manipulating the humanoid being, it can refer to as she has power and can move the police as she pleases.

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The title of the song even hints at the aforementioned, so starting the song it says, "Red flavor, I'm curious, It tastes like slowly melting strawberry when I bite into it".

Something very curious, because in "Ice Cream" they say very similar things, "It's melting in my mouth, Putting so much in that it'll feel like my mouth is melting down" as if something very liquid were dripping from his mouth, something like blood (this in "Ice cream").

In the music video we can see how they are kind of interviewing the fruits as if they were going to give them a job or something like that, but they talk as if they were people instead of fruits.
Basically this song talks about how much they are in love with the red flavor, but what else can the red flavor be? Maybe the blood.

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Probably one of the most explicit videos for the theory. In this video you can see the type of house in which the girls live, in this case it is a mansion type.

Irene can be seen with a knife in her hand with which she cuts Seulgi who is sitting in front of her, as if it were a practice to torture or murder someone.

It can be seen that Yeri is at the entrance of the house receiving a pizza that the delivery man is delivering to them, but then we realize that there are many pizzas scattered everywhere, so it implies that they do not want the pizza itself, but they already marked their next victim.

Scenes later we see how the girls are practicing with weapons, at the same time Irene is calling the same delivery man once again.

While they wait for the arrival of the delivery man, you can see that the girls are turning around many lit candles as if it were a ritual, in "Ice Cream Cake" they say something about it: "I'll light the candles as I only wait for you".

Moments later we see that the boy is in the middle of these candles while they continue to rotate around. In the lyrics they say that many people say that, "They say I have a problem", but they repeat many times, "I'm fine".

Scenes later we see how the delivery man is running away from them while they chase him, you can see that everyone is having fun, even the delivery man, but this is only the way they see him, and instantly in other scenes it is seen that he is running away with a look of fear on his face, but he can't get out because of how big the house is, "It's so tasty come and chase me, I can't hold it in I scream, you scream", this was said in "Ice Cream Cake" may be a reference to what we are shown the girls doing with their victims in "Peek-a-Boo".

Moments later we can see how the girls managed to capture him and have him blindfolded while they make him eat a jelly, probably something they prepared with "their special flavors of him".

Near the end of the music video we see how the delivery man "apparently" manages to escape, to which he tries to run away from the girls' house and finds a public telephone which he uses to try to call for help, in this scene if pay attention, we can see that next to the phone you can see a sign warning that many boys have been disappearing and we can see all the photos of those boys, which are quite a few.

The boy hadn't noticed, but behind him in the car there was someone waiting for him (one of the girls).
Finally we see that the boy was caught as we see his shirt on a shelf, as if he were a trophy.

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We can see that it takes place in the same house where "Pee-a-boo" was developed, but from a more fanciful perspective in some shots.

We see the girls lying on a bed while there is a suitcase next to them, which symbolizes that they have already prepared their things, because they are about to move because they have already committed so many murders that it is already impossible to stay there and it is possible that discover them (perhaps the same person shown to us in "Rookie").

Remember when Dumb Dumb mentioned mannequins? Well, in this video, in the background, many of them are shown to us, these symbolize corpses, only in Bad Boy, this is clearer, even in the center at the back of one of the stages, we see a vehicle with transparent walls that show that the girls are carrying them, why would they carry them if they were just mannequins?

As the video progresses, we can see how the girls are being very careful not to leave a trace that could give them away and to eliminate any evidence, for example, in a scene that passes quickly, it is observed how someone opens a door but uses a cloth to not leave their fingerprints on the goatee or when they burn a camera, so we can deduce that they took photos of their victims while they were being tortured.

(In the English version of Bad boy, you can see that the lyrics are more explicit on this and there is a stronger allusion to torture). You can also see some tools similar to instruments of torture.

They also carry bats with which they destroy things (evidence) and paints with which at first glance it seems that they are doing graffiti, but they are really covering any type of mark that could give them away, such as blood stains, for example, and Seulgi carries a gun. with which it points at something (but you can't tell what because what it points to is off camera). Scenes later it is seen that Seulgi is drinking something from a glass that at first glance looks like wine, but moments later she spills it and it is revealed to us that it is blood, "The Red Flavor" that they talk about so much in "Red Flavor", even in the at the end, when "The perfect Red Velvet Bad boy" appears, it appears with a lot of blood effect, again hinting at "Red Flavor".

In Joy's Bad Boy teaser she's eating a weird looking cake, which if we pay attention to the music video, SeulGi puts the red flavor we've been talking about so much, doesn't it look weird?

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It seems like they've stayed away from killing for a while and finished all of their "special food."

Starting with the music video we can see Seulgi again with a glass full of "Red Flavor", plus you can see sadness on her face, as if they had returned to the times of "Automatic" where they had nothing good to eat, like this who decide to take a map with which they marked the specific place where they kept the last of the special food they have left.

Arriving at that place, they unearth a jar full of cookies that "are red", and when they taste them they return to want to prepare delicious things like before, they decide to take all the red things they find and decide to mix them to try to recreate the "Red Flavor", but they are unsuccessful.

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Isn't it weird that in "Sappy" they're washing the truck that's in Bad Boy? If you look closely at the image of "Sappy" in the van, they carry behind the transparent container shown in Bad Boy with the mannequins (corpses).

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