Comme toi (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Sanatçı: Jean-Jacques Goldman
  • Ayrıca seslendiren: Grace Deeb, Amel Bent
  • Şarkı: Comme toi 16 çeviri
  • Çeviriler: Arapça, Bulgarca, Çince, Farsça #1, #2, İbranice, İngilizce #1, #2, #3, İtalyanca, Rumence, Rusça #1, #2, #3, #4, Sırpça
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Comme toi

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She had light-coloured eyes and a velvet dress
[Sitting] next to her mother with the family around her
She poses distractedly in the mild sun of the end of the day
The picture is not good but you can see in it
Happiness personified and the sweetness of the evening.
She loved music, especially Schumann
And also Mozart
Just like you
Just like you...
Just like you, whom I'm watching in silence
Just like you, sleeping and dreaming of what?
Just like you...
She used to go to school in the village down below
She learnt about books, she learnt about laws
She sang about frogs and princesses
Asleep in the woods [NB reference to Sleeping Beauty, which in French is called 'La Belle au Bois Dormant', literally 'the beauty in the sleeping woods']
She loved her doll, she loved her friends
Especially Ruth and Anna and especially Jeremy
And the would get married, one day, in Warsaw maybe.
Her name was Sarah, she was not quite eight years old
Her life was tenderness, dreams and white clouds
But other people had decided otherwise.
She had light-coloured eyes and she was your age
She was a well-behaved little girl, with an ordinary life
But she was not born - unlike you - here and now.
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Comme toi