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Come, I want us to go
and leave the chaos of the past behind us
Come, and let's flee the battles
and the jealous gazes
that we have to assume
Come, let's forget that our hearts have already gone down
a thousand ruined paths
Come, my meter is showing
I'm halfway through my journey
I didn't see a thing
Come, we've burned all the wood there was to burn
And winter is going to last
Come, I don't believe there's anything
left in this rotten past
that can keep us warm
Come, and let's follow the sun
on its frantic race
Indifferent sun
Come, because nothing is the same anymore
I want to start over
With you in my wings
Come, today is the day of our first day
Of our new life
Come, I believe, that I can die from love yesterday
And be reborn at will
Come, the lovers retreat
That's what it's like in the movies when stories begin
Come, because skilled lovers understand
That love flies by, and that's why they move forward
Come, we have to discover everything we need to be brave
And put our hearts into it
Come, I'm still curious
And still feel a rage
I'm not well-behaved yet
Come, and let's hope that we wear each other out
And hope that we love each other and that we climax
Come and let's hope that we have as much fun as two stubborn kids
On the edge of the abyss
Come, don't you feel the wind coming and taking us away
And stand and face it
Come, isn't it good to get out
When we open the door, that endless vertigo
Come, it's true that it's too powerful
It's like opening a valve and letting it run
Come, it's true that it's scary
We're just a fleeting thing
But we don't want to know
Come, I'm sorry
There are mornings where I feel the earth spinning
All by itself under my feet
Come, I'm sorry I can't help it I feel too light
Better weight me down
Come, come bury yourself in my skin
And take me on a trip
To the depths of the insides
Come, take me whole
Come into my disaster
Lay down on my rails
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petit élève    Pzr, 22/04/2018 - 20:04

railles -> that's a rather horrid typo on "rails", so you actually guessed right!
As for what it means, it's a kind of metaphor for suicide (lie down and wait to be run over by a train). A very Freudian mix of love and death Regular smile

j'affiche à mon compteur
La moitié du trajet
Je n'ai rien vu passer -> that's heavily idiomatic. The metaphor is that of a taxi meter, the ride being the whole life. So she's saying she's halfway through her life and the first half went by in a flash: "je n'ai rien vu passer" as "[it went by so fast] I didn't see a thing". You can easily say "Il/elle a pas mal de kilomètres au compteur" for "he/she's not that young"

que l'on jouisse -> that's a bit more crude than that. It refers to sexual pleasure quite explicitly.

deux cabris têtus -> "kid" is quite ok, but "cabri" does not have the "child" meaning: it only refers to goat cubs.

tiens-toi face à lui -> rather "stand and face it". It's not really about resisting the wind, more like embracing it.

un feu de paille -> the expression can mean "a flash in the pan", often referring to a love story. "a fleeting thing" is also possible as a metaphor for life being brief and full of fire.

Mais faut pas y penser -> your translation is technically correct, but maybe a bit too literal here. The equivalent would rather be "but you/we don't want to know" or something like that.

je n'y peux rien -> more like "I can't help it" (or "it's beyond my control" Regular smile ). It's a quite common and idiomatic way of saying.

Il faudrait -> rather "I would need to be..." or "I would better be..." or "better weight me down"

noir-keller    Pzr, 22/04/2018 - 19:32

Thanks! I could tell this one had quite a few idiomatic expressions so thanks for clarifying Regular smile It took me a while to figure out the "compteur" one, seems like I was close in my interpretation but just missed the mark a bit. I appreciate your input!