Arame şarkı sözleri

Alma Barroca    Salı, 12/08/2014 - 22:12

Is this artist's name Arame? Please add the artist name in Latin letters and his/her/their name in the writing script of his/her/their country of origin in the 'Original name' field.

Guest    Çarş, 13/08/2014 - 15:06

Ok, it's done!!

TheProteanGirl    Pzt, 23/04/2018 - 02:34

Guys who put the titles for the original put the Armenian scripts in parenthesis and put the english transliteration in front please!!

TheProteanGirl    Pzt, 23/04/2018 - 03:07

thank you so much

TheProteanGirl    Pzt, 23/04/2018 - 05:45

Hey Enjovher do you mind switching the last two titles what i mean is putting the russian cyrillic written title in the parenthesis and the transliteration like the others in front? Thanks