Flisten Taj 3al Ras | فلسطين تاج عالراس (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Maher Halabi (ماهر حلبي)
  • Eşlik eden sanatçı: Muhannad Khalaf
  • Şarkı: Flisten Taj 3al Ras | فلسطين تاج عالراس 2 çeviri
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Flisten Taj 3al Ras | فلسطين تاج عالراس

فلسطين تاج ع الراس
في العين وفي قلوب الناس
عشقي المجروح
وجوه الروح
حماها الله
وانا مهما روحت ولفيت
زي حضنك والله مالقيت
كل واحد شافك سمّا
وقال ماشاء الله
حبك يا بلادي في العين
واسمك محفور ع الجبين
حبك ايمان
وفكل مكان فخور فيكي
حيوه الوطن حيوه
اسم الوطن علوه
ف ارضك رجال تهز جبال
وين مانروح
معاكي الروح
ويشهد علينا الله
في جمالك قالوا الأشعار
وصفوكي وغنوكي كتار
ع صوت اليرغول
وزريف الطول والدلعونا
غنَّينا بلادي يا حره
ميجانا عتابا وجفرا
بالكوفية والدحيه
قالوها كتار
يا اجمل دار
ولازيك في بلاد الله
بيه يا بيه بيه يا بيه
حياهم الله الفلسطينيه
فلسطينية نزلوا ع الساحه
و الكوفيه بيديهم لواحة
دلعونا دلعن دلعن دلعونا
سمعونا صوت الخشب سمعونا
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Align paragraphs

Palestine crown on the head

Palestinian crown on the head
In the eyes and hearts of our people
My love is now wounded
The face of her soul
Is protected by Allah SWT
No matter how relieved I feel
I put my hand on the Qur'an and say
Everyone of you gave a bad name
To the one God has said
I love you, I see my country in your eyes
I see your name engraved on the country's forehead
Your love is like faith
And every place is proud
Our homeland's name is high
Your land is like men shaking the mountains
Just to keep you
Win the soulmate
God gives us our evidence
In your beauty, they read the poems
A row
Of voices read it out
Nice and long
My country is free
Him and his gang
Come and join us
They said it
Oh beautiful
And this land is blessed by God
God blessed them
A Palestinian woman went out to her yard
The disbelievers with their hands to the oasis
The sound of wood heard us and called
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A little help by google translate for when I was not completely sure about how to say something in English. For example; I already knew that falastin taj 3al 3ras or filastin taj 3al ras/aras meant Palestine crown on the head, but I was not sure about how to explain it in English grammar since that is broken English once I remembered what the translation was, but it pretty much means Palestine is a crown on the head like being Palestinian is something they (Muhannad Khalaf and Maher Halabi) are proud of, so it's like royalty for them and they are talking about a Palestinian, although I am not sure how to fully explain the meaning to you. This translation may be a little inaccurate, I had trouble explaining.

"Flisten Taj 3al Ras ..." şarkısına ait daha çok çeviri
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In the first line of the third paragraph, the translation should be "Here is the home, here it is"