Ebn Al Arandali / إبن الأرندلي (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Nancy Ajram (نانسي عجرم)
  • Şarkı: Ebn Al Arandali / إبن الأرندلي
  • Çeviriler: İngilizce

Ebn Al Arandali / إبن الأرندلي

لائيم ليه بتبصلى .... اموت انا
يا قديم يا ابن الارندلى
حلنجى لعبى وماشى ع السلك
ولا عمره فرقه زكاه من تلك
عامل حنين ومسهوك وجاى ملهوف متلهوك
ايه الوش ده بقى لا يا حبيبى بقى متلبسوش وانت جايلى
يلااااااا يا ابن الارندلى
جاى تشتغلنى تستغفلنى ولا انت جاى بتستهبلنى
شوف يا بابايا لو ليك ضاحيا مش هبقى منهم لو تقتلنى
وانما لو بايه حلفتلى
ليه بتبصلى اه يا قديم يا ابن الاردندلى
موطى صوتك ليه يابرنس
تعبان يا ناس متقمص انس
الكحل م العين يتألس
وبجد يتعب ويألس
عاملى فيها قال رشدى اباظه قال
قولولو ماشى ده اللى علي علي
يلااااااا يا ابن الارندلى
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İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce
Align paragraphs

harebrained *

You are mean (depraved) why are you looking at me ....I'm dying
Oh old , oh harebrained ( Tramp )*
You are deceitful, wily, risky man
Never distinguish between this and that
You pretend kindness and sweetness and you came agog(very longing)
What is this face (features) No my love, do not show it to me when you come to me
come harebrained
You want to trick me or make me fool
Look, if you had victims, I wouldn't be one of them even if you killed me
I will never believe you even if you swore to me of anything
why are you looking at me ,Oh old , oh harebrained ( Tramp )
Why you are raise down your voice . prince
he is tired , act as a human
He can steal the eyeliner from the eye**
He is a really tired person
Act (Pretending) as Rushdy Abaza***
Tell him Well
come harebrained
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* إبن الأرندلي : This expression used in the Egyptian dialect. instead of insults .the closest meaning to it is harebrained (as i thought)
**Perhaps this was intended I did not understand well
***Egyptian actor he is known for his romantic roles

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