das beste (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

das beste

You're wearing your t-shirt inside out
you look so sleepy
when you're stealing my duvet with ruffled hair in the morning
I feel so different around you
when we, after pillow fights, and from all the laughter
have trouble breathing
and your mischievous smile
when you're laughing at me
and again tease me
that last night
I philosophised, about something
the best, best, best that can happen
is that I can stay, for a whole lifetime
das schönste, schönste Leben, das man leben kann,
in the best place of the world - in your arms
verbringen kann!
Das ist das Beste, Beste, Beste, was passieren kann!
In Deinen Armen
hält das Beste, Beste, Beste auch ein Leben lang
I long ago found you
around you I find myself
so pretty even without make-up and with neon lights
und bei Neonlicht so schön!
Das Beste ...
... in deinen Armen
hält das Beste Beste Beste
a whole lifetime in your arms
that is, that is, that is the best that can happen
das ist das,
das ist das Beste, was passieren kann....
Cosmonaut kullanıcısı tarafından Cum, 01/01/2010 - 00:00 tarihinde eklendi
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