Silbermond - Das Gute gewinnt (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

The Good Wins Out

When I look out there in the world
It’s hard to believe in anything
Who took our sanity away, ¹
how low have we already gone
I see gamblers who helplessly miscalculate
and spend the money they’ve lent themselves, ²
which turns their lust into self-indulgences
and get off without having to take the responsibility ³
This world runs head-on against the wall
Tell me if you still really believe in it
that the good wins out, that the good wins out ⁴
that the good wins out, that the good wins out
A father who forgets himself too often, ⁵
who thinks that his fist means I love you
Priests preach to ease the misery
and then raise their hands against children ⁶
Leaders, who poison beliefs
to cause wars in the name of God
I see people too far to the right and too proud ⁷
of their country; of the black, red, and gold ⁸
You say you never give up hope,
but I say it is and remains a delusion ⁹
‘cause the good never wins out, ‘cause the good never wins out
‘cause the good never wins out, do you think the good wins out?
and that a hero comes and carries us through the fire
and routs out our enemies? ¹⁰
that the good wins out, that the good wins out
good wins out, the good wins out
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Yazarın yorumları:

¹ Verstand: reason and sense can also be used.
² Straight translation: und die Schätze anderer Leute versetzen = and move the fortunes of other people. The meaning is he lends himself money and spends it. Thanks to ICE300 for that one!!
³ geradestehen = to take the responsibility
⁴win out = to succeed or prevail
⁵ vergisst : to forget oneself = Lose one's reserve, temper, or self-restraint; do or say something out of keeping with one's position or character.
⁶ Grammar usage: subjects raise their hand vs. raise their hands:
⁷ “politically right” is meant.
⁸ black, red, and gold = the German flag
⁹ Straight translation: Fiebertraum = feverish dream
¹⁰ rout out = to remove someone or something from some place by force.

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Das Gute gewinnt

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