Der Weg (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

The Way

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I can no longer see, no longer trust my eyes,
Can barely believe - feelings have turned.
I am way too tired to give up.
It would be too early since there's always a way.
We were indivisible, would've died for each other.
We were bending the rain, gave each other trust.
We always tried to turn on the schuss.
Nothing was too late, but much was too early.
We pushed each other through all the tides,
We lived the chaos, loved each other desperately.
We tried to deny reality as best as we could.
Your existence was a gift from heaven.
You flooded every room with sunlight,
You turned every doubt into the opposite.
Nordic noble - your gentle goodness,
Your unrestrained pride... Life isn't fair.
We danced the film in a silver room.
Marveled at infinity from the golden balcony.
Hopelessly drowned, drunken, and everything was allowed.
Together in time warp. Midsummernight's dream.
Your secure pace, your true poems,
Your serene grandeur, your unwavering fortune.
You stood up to fate.
You've never told it - your plan of happiness,
your plan of happiness.
I will not leave, I've extended my stay,
New time travel, open world.
I have you securely in my soul.
You'll be with me until the curtain's down.
You'll be with me until the curtain's down.
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Der Weg