Desconexión Sideral (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Bersuit Vergarabat
  • Şarkı: Desconexión Sideral
  • Çeviriler: İngilizce
İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce

Sidereal disconnection

An astronaut and a witch
Travel in a bubble straight towards the sun
That fire that grew
If the detergent heats up
And what they feel bursts
They could lose control
And the connection too
Certainty or illusion
Epidermal fiction
He believes in spaceships
And special effects
That he's never verified
That he's never seen in his fucking life
She practices with brooms
Sees the future in a (crystal) ball
That a hanged man sold to her
Which also convinced her
Of her inner power
Of that cardboard magic
(Rain) drops of love
Pray in the air
(Rain) drops of love
The bum plays with the idea
Of creating a great system
That'll allow another fusion
A different type of value
But the witch contains him
And guesses what he wants
'Cause he's already gone and went back
To Hell's terrors
To that very gluttonous world
That eats your heart
It happens that sometimes a fever
Rises mysteriously
And withdraws without reason
Like all apparition
A burst bubble
No longer means anything
And both of them go down dejected
Without beliefs or religion
Moving further away from the sun
In opposite directions
An eternal return
To the void, to the void
An eternal return
To the void, (both are) empty (inside)
Life is never so precise
No one has that fix
That takes you off the mound
And shows you something better
The astronaut nor the witch
Know what to do with the guilt
And fear that their
Sidereal disconnection left them with
(Rain) drops of love
Pray in the air
(Rain) drops of love
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Desconexión Sideral

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