Roland Kaiser - Dich zu lieben (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Loving you

Days are filled with life for me again because you love me
Nights are filled with loving again because you need me
I've never dared to dream of the things you're giving me
You've re-ignited a fire in me that had been extinguished long ago
Loving you, touching you
My desire to feel you
Your warmth, you being close
All this is stirring my desire
To spend my life with you
You're the woman who gives every smile
Every tender touch to no-one but me
You're the woman who's giving everything
Called love
You're lying next to me and I'm inhaling the scent of your skin
And every single beat of your heart is so familiar to me
You make me say the things I kept from every other woman
You're bringing the warming sun back to the skies
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Dich zu lieben

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