El Plebeyo (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

The Commoner (The Plebeian)

The night covers now with its black fabric the city,
the streets where people cross
with slow movement. (in slow motion)
The artificial light with a weak projection
promotes the shadows that hides in its shadow
revenge and betrayal.
After working, returns to his humble home
that sad commoner, the son of the village,
the man who could love
and that suffering under that infamous law
to love an aristocrat, he being vulgar (of lower class)
Trembling with emotion, In his song he says:
Love being human has something divine,
love is not a crime because even God loved
and if the love is pure and the desire is sincere,
Why do they want to steal the faith of the heart?
My plebeian blood also dyes red (is of red color)
the soul that is nested in my incomparable love;
she is of noble birth and I, a humble commoner
blood is not different nor is the heart.
Lord, why are beings not of equal value?
So deadly duel, lineage and passion
in a silent struggle, often condemn
a bloody pain
after seeing a love because he is a commoner,
delinquent if he aspires the gloved hand
of a fine woman.
The heart that is destroyed his ideal
reacts and is reflected in open rebellion
changing its humble face;
the commoner of yesterday is the rebel of today
that everywhere forgives the equality in love.
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Used google translate and edited the sentences to make sense.
Sad song but very well written in Excellent Spanish (Literature level)


El Plebeyo

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