Papi Sanchez - Enamorame (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Love me

Love me, corner me
love me, flirt with me
love me, torment me
love me, trap me
I want you to tell me many things
things that get to the core of my soul
Trap me, make expressions/gestures that excite me
that my female ego hastens
your daddy wants to burn you like the sun scorches the sand**
(I want) to intoxicate you and make you forget your pain
Give you love from morning to night to tear your clothes
so that you feel loved
to turn off the light make love to you in the bed
and teach you why I have this reputation
What you want with me is what I want with you
Let's see what happens after wine
Sanchez is the man and you the woman
two bodies in one, absolutely
what you want of me is what I want of you
To hope if we are already here
give your imagination free rein
I know why my hobby is love
Agree that this is not a secret
One more wine glass and we will end with this
**"your daddy" = is the singer referring to himself?
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