Feuer Im Ewigen Eis (İngilizce çevirisi)

İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce

Fire in Eternal Ice

She loved the man of another
And knew that it could never be
When the sun sank in the mountains
Then she was alone with her tears
Then heaven gave her a sign
As they tell it here in the village
She gave her love to the poor
The poor on the edge of this world
There burns a fire in eternal ice
That no one can extinguish
And a love that no one knows
Their whole life long
Just like a fire in eternal ice
Can a longing be
Even when her heart went through thorns
It was no place for sadness
Where a handful of rice is enough to live on
She had no time for tears
They brought the sick, the poor
And they felt the love inside her
In the convent of the white Madonna
No one stood lost at the door
“The woman with the kind eyes”
As they all called her
The woman with a broken heart
Who found something like peace there
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Feuer Im Ewigen Eis

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