The ending of "A Solenzara--Enrico Macias"

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"A Solenzara Oh! chidolce felicita A solenzara Piu bé nun si po sta!"
The ending of lyrics. What is the meaning?


I think it should be written:
"Oh, Chi dolce felicità, ... Più be' nun si pò sta' "

it recalls to me the south Tuscanian/Roman dialect, standing for italian:

- "Oh, che dolce felicità, ... più bene non si può stare";


"Oh, what a sweet happiness, ... one cannot stay better";

"Che" = What a
"dolce" = sweet

"non si può" = impersonal form; I translated with "one cannot"

"Più bene" sounds as "more good": italian language uses "meglio" (= "better")

"A Solenzara": in Solenzara; Solenzara is a beach place in Corsica (south France, Tyrrhenian sea): I wonder if Corses use a Roman dialect ? (in facts Corsica faces that italian area)

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I want to thank you. I did not know its meaning.
The dialect is impossible for me.
I will translate the song into Japanese.
I find Solenzara in Corsica.

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