Can any one please tell me what "T'a" in Italian means

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Üyelik: 16.01.2015
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I was checking the lyrics of Ti amo by Umberto Tozzi and there is a sentence I just don't have clear

Dammi il sonno di in bambino che t'a

The word "T'a" is the one I can't understand it's meaning.

Can any one explain it to me?

Thank you in advance.

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Üyelik: 27.03.2015

I found other versions : the text should be "dammi il sonno di un bambino/ che fa, sogna..."
Actually it is anyway quite hard to understand. Maybe it could be: "Dammi il sonno di un bambino. Che fa? Sogna..."
Sometimes, authors, in order to find ryming words, write some odd syntactic constructions, or sentences whose meaning is a little bit obscure. Maybe in this case too.

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Üyelik: 21.08.2016

Couldn't it be "dammi il sonno di un bambino che, tac, sogna cavalli e si gira..."? Where "tac" is the sound of a spring used with the meaning of "suddenly"? The phrase would sound more or less like this: give me the sleep of a baby who "suddendly" dreams about horses and turns around (while sleeping).

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