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Üyelik: 14.10.2016
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So...what does everyone think of the results from this year's Eurovision?
Personally, I would have loved to see either Italy, France, or Serbia win, but Israel is a pretty good winner as well.
Are there any non-qualifiers that should have made the final?
Are there any qualifiers that should have stayed in the semis?

Fun bonus question: Was Croatia's entry "Crazy" a copy of "Fallin" by Alicia Keys? Discuss.

Finally, can someone please post a link to the official performances on the Eurovision YouTube channel?

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Üyelik: 10.05.2012

Well, I'm super happy for Netta. I honestly would have preferred Cyprus to win, just because I've always thought that if Netta won, it would be because of her charismatic presence rather than because of the song, but when the voting started and I saw Germany and Austria (which I strongly disliked), I was too afraid they might win, so I'm just super happy for Netta, she deserves it and Eleni was wonderful as well.

This year I was rooting for Estonia and Greece and, even though Greece didn't qualify, I'm proud of both Elina and Yianna. They were marvellous and even if we're not going to Tallinn next year (as I hoped), eighth place is totally respectable.

I'm also proud of my 3rd and 4th favourites, i. e. Hungary and Slovenia (my Lea). They were amazing, notwithstanding their 21st and 22nd place. Btw, when the music stopped during Lea's performance in the semifinal, I really fell for it.

Netta was my fifth favourite and what can I say? We'll see in Jerusalem next year.

I'm kinda sad Surie declined the offer to perform a second time. Don't think it affected her chances to get a better place, but still...

Greece was a big loss, but there were some other pearls we lost I'd like to mention: I thought San Marino (yes, I know I'm the only one who likes it) could finally qualify for the first time and Malta was amazing. Switzerland filled me with energy and got shocked when we learnt they stayed in the semi and poor Laura, sad for her... but she's a funny girl, she won't cry too much over it. As for Alekseev... well, he did well, but I don't think the Eurovision world understood what he wanted to express. Btw, Franka was amazing, but I expected a non-qualification: her song was too experimental.

All in all, I enjoyed this year's contest more than ever. Portugal did a wonderful job and all the artists gave their best during this week.
Concerning qualifiers that I wanted to stay in the semi... well, there were quite a few, but I don't want to be nasty. I'm just happy for everyone, even for the songs I don't like.

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I would have preferred Armenia and Greece to qualify in the first semi over Ireland and Lithuania. Montenegro and Georgia should have gone to the final over Sweden and Australia. Alekseev had an interesting stage performance, but his vocals got the best of him.

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Üyelik: 11.02.2018

Eurovision 2018 is finished and it is sad that now we have to wait another year T_T My favourite was always Italy <3 In the end it was sad that they couldn't win but actually i'm happy that they got 3rd highest vote from televoters and they achieved their goal by reaching too many people's heart :') And for semifinals, my big shock was Greece.. That was such a beautiful song! <3 I hope they will send a song like that next year also, not a generic pop song but a mysterious song with in their own language ^^

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Üyelik: 20.04.2017

Personally, I didn't even expect Austria being rated so high by the juries, it kind of took me off guard. I knew Israel was going to win. The controversial, yet popular song with good performances always gets the first place, it's just how Eurovision works. In the end there I hoped Sweden or Cyprus would win, but no chance against Netta. I respect the winning song and everything.

I wanted Greece to qualify to the final and also Belarus. The Greek song was simply amazing, but the staging was probably the reason it didn't go through. Belarus didn't probably go because of the performance(?) or maybe because they had nobody to vote for them lol. I mean, Russia, Ukraine etc. Nevertheless, loved the song. Bulgaria was kind of off. Don't get me wrong, the song is nice, but the live vocals were not what I was expecting. The acapella version of the song is marvellous.

My favourites this year were France and Ukraine. Madame Monsieur was amazing on stage, and Melovin - what a presence! I was glad that Slovenia and the Czech Republic were in the final. I was also glad the see Moldova's performance which was amazing. Oh, and how can we forget Hungary? Loved them. And now let's be honest, we all knew Rybak wasn't up for much this year, but I'm happy I saw him on the stage again. Does he ever age?)

Best final we had in years my friends
Here comes post eurovision depression)

Üyelik: 28.03.2018

My faves were Ukraine ( Melovin really cool boy, he has a very deep voice), Italy( Their song its peculiar message, their voices are power) and Cyprus ( My dear Eleni. I love her songs!!! I thought she would win!)

But Israel not bad, fun song

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Üyelik: 08.10.2016

>Finally, can someone please post a link to the official performances on the Eurovision YouTube channel?

Grand Final
1. Ukraine -
2. Spain
3. Slovenia
4. Lithuania
5. Austria
6. Estonia
7. Norway
8. Portugal
9. UK
10. Serbia
11. German
12. Albania
13. France
14. Czech
15. Denmark
16. Australia
17. Finland
18. Bulgaria
19. Moldova
20. Sweden
21. Hungary
22. Israel
23. The Netherlands
24. Irland
25. Cyprus
26. Italia

Üyelik: 22.03.2011

Hello all,
Yes it's over already and so I am reading comments everywhere and watching older stuff...I expected Netta to win as it was quite sure that after a very calm, intimate winner last year, it would be the opposite this year... If I'm happy ? Somewhere it is a modern song for now and she is definitely different than most girls you see in contests...but on the other side, I'm also a little afraid it's her show that won more votes than the song itself...But is a funny song and a funny girl :-) !
Now...maybe you'll all find me strange, but I actually liked Austria and Germany a lot...So I'm happy they ended up high...

My favourites of the first semi-final after Israel and Austria were Greece and Albania, both sung in their own language and I really thought Greece would qualify. I actually didn't like our song much this year and hoped more for them than for us...

In the second semi-final, choice was more difficult...From the point of a "traditional song-lover" I liked Montenegro. Serbia was not bad...but I just can't forget about Molitva (1st in 2007)and Nije ljubav tsvar (3rd in 2012) that were so much better ...For the rest...some songs/singers/countries I can't really be objective about :
Moldova : well...I think everyone knows I like Romania and Moldova and so I always find things to like about them ( and yes, their act was funny and i liked the last dancing part with 6 much, even if the song was a little oldish :-) )
The Netherlands : our neighbours, and a good song after all...glad he reached the final.
Norway : far not as good as Fairytale, but indeed Alexander Rybak is still as cute as 9 years ago :-) And for my part...he shouldn't age at all...

For the big 5 countries, France had a good song, but it has been playing on the radio for weeks now here, so I already am a little tired of it :-(

So, I will stop I could write loooooooots about Eurovision...and I'm glad I seem not to be the only one who still likes it !!!!

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Üyelik: 10.05.2012

Well, I'm honestly not that surprised Ireland and Lithuania qualified. I didn't like Lithuania and even if I loved Ryan's song, I've never believed he would have come far... but I must admit both performances were very emotional. Lithuania was the only song from those I didn't like pre-contest that I actually enjoyed.
I honestly liked Sweden and Australia and didn't doubt their qualification for a second (after all, they're always Sweden and Australia). Montenegro was very good and I've never understood the hate for it. The live performance, though, lost its magical touch. Georgia, on the other hand, was more enjoyable live, but I hated their harmonisations. They started singing one by one and it sounded beautiful, but when they sang simultaneously, it sounded very dull and flat, but I think that's a personal problem (I disliked OG3NE last year for the same reason).
I think Alekseev did a good job. The vocals were maybe a bit shaky, but I think that was the point, to add a dramatic touch to the performance. Unfortunately he performed after Netta and before Elina (the big favourites) which completely outshined him. If you add this to the fact that his perfomance was too much for some viewers (a pierced hand and a wounded back aren't really what someone expects from a love song), I can understand why he didn't go through. I honestly think he should have sung the original song in Russian, his style is untranslatable.

What did you think about FYROM? I wanted them to qualify, even if the song didn't have a lot of support. I may be kinda biased though, as I still can't get over the non-qualification for Jana last year.

Üyelik: 08.09.2014

If ridiculous chicken noises, cringe-inducing choreography and a mix of beatboxing, Middle Eastern music and kitsch Japanese aesthetic are all that it takes to win Eurovision, then I have lost all faith in this contest. Still, massive respect to Netta, her victory is no small achievement.

I was rooting for Cyprus from the start, I felt like Eleni's performance was phenomenal. I hope that now that she is well-known across Europe, she will establish an international career, just so that she can shut the mouths of the racist hypocrites who bullied her for being Albanian, but now probably claim that they share a portion of her immense success.

One of my favourites was Denmark as well. I love Viking history and the inspiration for the song. It is good to see Scandinavia stick to their roots for once, instead of replicating the same pop songs, however good their production.

Estonia was absolutely amazing. The dress, the voice, the song, everything... She deserves way better than 7th place, although 7th place is not bad at all.

I also think Greece should have qualified, but I think the reason it didn't was the staging rather than the song. Maybe should have introduced some backup singers, dancers and drums, to give the song more of an "Ancient Greek warrior" ethnic feel. But, if I want to be completely honest, I hope that we never take part in the competition again. We simply can't afford it.

What else...Alexander Rybak disappointed me.

The Hungarian entry is the emo phase I never really grew out of.

The Czech entry felt like a ripoff of "Talk Dirty to Me" and basically every American mainstream song.

And, someone please remind me, why do we keep inviting Australia every year? Or non-European countries for that matter?

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Üyelik: 10.05.2012

I 100% agree for Greece. When they said they would have showed the meaning of the song, I thought they were going to do something similar to the video, with some dancers and more dynamics in general. Plus I think she didn't show her full potential vocally.
I don't really have a problem with some non-European countries participating, but must admit that Australia is really out of place. Plus they could at least sing good songs, I liked only two of their entries. Many think that with the debut of Eurovision Asia in October, Australia will lose interest on Eurovision, so let's see what happens in the following years...

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Üyelik: 14.10.2016

Oh, bless! I'm in the US right now so they're blocked

Üyelik: 21.06.2013

This year was crazy Teeth smile I'm happy that Netta won (tbh I didn't like Toy), my favorite from the grand final was Cyprus though. Actually this year I had 2 favorites - Cyprus and Belarus. But, oh, well, Belarus didn't make it through.
- Russia, Romania and Azerbaijan (my country) didn't make it through for the first time
- Cyprus recieved their best ever result
- Israel won after 20 years
- Austria won the jury vote (???)
- Sweden recieved only 21 points from the public (well-deserved, juries overrated that song).

So, yeah, quite a weird year :d

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