[SOLVED] Too many people making the same language on one page

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Üyelik: 27.02.2019
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Will somebody please get rid of songs from the same language translation????

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<a href="/tr/translator/flopsi" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1331196">Flopsi</a>
Üyelik: 12.03.2017

Like wich ones?

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<a href="/tr/translator/israelwu" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1420592">IsraelWu</a>
Üyelik: 04.05.2019

Simple, NOT HIS. And the message is quite ambiguous - the same source language, different target languages, the same song OR different source languages, the same target language and the same song OR (most probable) the same source language, the same target language and various versions of translation of the same song (there could be other combinations, but I assume he didn't mean them). I would say that for a translator it's not too articulate, not too open minded and not too friendly.

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<a href="/tr/translator/igeethecat" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1365086">Igeethecat</a>
Üyelik: 16.12.2017

Black Mamba is back making fun of cats with her avatar

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<a href="/tr/translator/aylo" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1374145">aylo</a>
Üyelik: 02.03.2018

Some translations are really crap so they have to be translated again properly.

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<a href="/tr/translator/israelwu" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1420592">IsraelWu</a>
Üyelik: 04.05.2019

Probably, but he is not talking about this. Just the quantity, probably, makes his head spin so he just wants to discard them to stop the spin. Nothing to do with the value. And you, how do you imagine the "re - translation": a selected jury of our peers, vote, higher instance - three levels (to re - translate or not). Now an elected commission to translate somebody's work or first give him three chances to correct it - to translate it anew, for each trial a new decision by the jury ? Be serious, storage volume becomes cheaper day by day. We can afford to carry the junk on our back. You look upon something and see junk, I see mediocre work, other sees a gem. You won't ever come back to author's work, I might after some time to check if he has improved with time. And each of us makes his private appreciations in a blink of an eye including his own prediction about the future visit.

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<a href="/tr/translator/knee427" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1110108">Alma Barroca</a>
Üyelik: 05.04.2012

What do you actually mean?

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<a href="/tr/translator/carnivorouslamb" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1109697">phantasmagoria</a>
Üyelik: 31.03.2012

Is the question that you want to ask: Can we remove multiple translations into the same language because there are too many or not all of them are of the same quality (and therefore outshine good/decent/excellent translations by receiving more views etc.)?

The answer: No.

Why this answer? - Users have no say in what can be "removed" unless they speak the language/languages of the translation (and original lyrics). If a translation has used GT or is just terrible in general then you can do the following:
1. Give it a rating it deserves (see the rating system and its meanings first, if you give someone a 1 star vote you will have to back it up with reasons). This way other users will know that it isn't a very good translation.

2. Report the translation (and be prepared to provide proof and reasoning behind your decision), we will review it and it will either stay or be removed.

3. Leave a comment on the translation with suggestions or corrections, this can be done with #1.

Remember, we cannot remove translations without a reason and therefore cannot remove them to please one individual. I advice you to pick one of all of the three choices given. If there is a particular song with translations you're concerned about, then please contact an Editor/Moderator who speaks the target language and or the translated language:

- Ellen

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<a href="/tr/translator/ssleon64" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1382962">ssleon64</a>
Üyelik: 20.05.2018

As any good translator will tell you, there is never going to be one "authoritative" translation of anything. A word in one language rarely corresponds directly to another word in a different language.

So each additional translation lets you get closer to the meaning of the original, by showing you multiple ways it's been interpreted. That's why there are Bibles with 4 translations side-by-side - they each show you a different shade of meaning that no single one of them can.

When there's a line I don't understand (which frequently happens in songs), I enjoy looking through the different translations and trying to shave away at the meaning. Sometimes a very literal translation is just what I needed to make sense of it, whereas other times a more poetic translation helps. Of course there are going to be bad translations. But as long as they're remotely close, I say keep them. Even the bad translations have some value.

<a href="/tr/translator/adrian-javier" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1425490">Adrian Javier</a>
Üyelik: 24.06.2019

pm nyo saakin yung lyricts

<a href="/tr/translator/imcrazycat" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1413873">I'mCrazyCat</a>
Üyelik: 27.02.2019

Thanks Regular smile

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