Translation of farsi to english

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Üyelik: 09.06.2012
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Hey, i wold like to know what do hese phrases mean-

enghad in daste namak nadar shekaste shod
ke akhar sar in dastam khaste shod


toi ke relationship statuset 2 min ye bar eyne rahnama single/in relationship mishe!!! khob ye deighe k**n band kon vaysa adame dorostesh biad!


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Üyelik: 26.03.2012

the first sentence is about a persian proverb
it means if a person does not appreciate the help of others then they will be hopeless of him

and the second sentence "i'm sorry" but there are some words that do not have a good meaning
but all it says is about your facebook account and your relationship status,and it says you change the status all the time and maybe you have to wait some time to find the right person to have a relationship with

i wish i could help some how
have fun Regular smile

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