Nacha Guevara - Fuimos los patitos feos (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

We were the ugly ducklings

We grew inventing backwards stories
breaking a doll to know what was
or stealing coins on coffee shop tables
We were the ugly ducklings by chance
We were born different to the others
We went to school we had to learn
Teachers, old witches smelling like paper
they tried to teach us the importance of the three
the life of some hero who fought without stopping
or how the word daddy was stressed
While our eyes were dreaming of the sea
We kept studying even without understanding
why they explained us that love wasn't ok
that sex was garbage for pure people
Our minds were burning without knowing why
And so we kept growing until the sixteen
We danced with the Beatles we sang Yesterday
We learned a profession to be able to eat
Artists of basement concers by profession
A piano with ten chairs very little to offer
A sad or a happy song in the start
Good night everybody! The show will begin!
We were telling issues of our own reality
Very cheap costumes of low quality
Corrientes1 was a dream. Who could imagine
the ordinary ugly ducklings could reach
to great stages and neon signs
and a loudmouth impresario apologizing to us
And time went passing, what can we tell
absences, disagreements, other dead ducklings
dreaming so many dreams going adrift
hunger, sadness, pain, the surprise
of seeing that in foreign lands
being free wasn't weird and that a poor duckling could be loved
The pretty ducklings went to bath
and the smallest ones wanted to stay
The biggest duck wanted to beat us
and for being different by need
we became swans to be able to fly.
  • 1. The street Corrientes, that used to be full of theaters
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Fuimos los patitos feos

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