Gel Gör Beni Aşk Neyledi (İngilizce çeviri)


Gel Gör Beni Aşk Neyledi

Ben yürürüm yana yana
Aşk boyadı beni kana
Ne âkilem ne divane
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
Gâh eserim yeller gibi
Gâh tozarım yollar gibi
Gâh akarım seller gibi
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
Akar suların çağlarım
Dertli ciğerim dağlarım
Şeyhim anuban ağlarım
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
Ya elim al kaldır beni
Ya vaslına erdir beni
Çok ağlattın güldür beni
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
Ben yürürüm ilden ile
Şeyh anarım dilden dile
Gurbette halim kim bile
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
Mecnun oluban yürürüm
Ol yâri düşte görürüm
Uyanıp melûl olurum
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
Miskin Yunus biçareyim
Baştan ayağa yareyim
Dost elinde avareyim
Gel gör beni aşk neyledi
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come see what love has done to me

Versiyonlar: #1#2
I’m walking, my heart ablaze...charred I’m burning!
Love painted me blood red.
left me neither sane nor mad
come, see what Love did to me
sometimes as the winds, I whirl
at times as dust on the path, I drift
sometimes as swift as a flood,
come, see what Love has done to me
like the river rapids raging for eons,
my worrisome heart wrecked on the rocky shore
Master's away I’m withering
come, see what Love has done to me
either grab my hand & lift me
or guide me to the Union
make me smile now that I've cried a river
come, see how Love has done me
I march through the lands
honoring my Master in all tongues
my plight is unknown this far from home
come, see what Love did to me
like wandering Majnoon driven mad by Love,
I see my beloved on the dust in the wind
then, I wake and plunge into a gloom
come, see what love did to me
destitute Yunus, mystic of sorrow,
wounded from head to toe.
a wanderer in the Friends realm
Come, see what Love has done to me
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Talat Sait Halman's scholarly translation was used, but I took the liberty of modifying the poem to fit the contours the English language. However I feel like I haven't done it much justice.

* Majnoon (Mec-nun) is a character who's gone mad upon losing his beloved Layla. Not to be confused with Samson & Delila

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