Heart of stone

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Heart of stone (İngilizce) — Heç nəyə yazığı gəlməyən, qəddar.

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Heart of stone — A nature without pity or merciful

İngilizce, agrin tarafından Cmt, 14/12/2013 - 19:34 tarihinde açıklandı

Heart of stone — Heart that feels no compassion

İngilizce, agrin tarafından Cmt, 14/12/2013 - 19:37 tarihinde açıklandı

Heart of stone — Hard heart

İngilizce, agrin tarafından Cmt, 14/12/2013 - 19:37 tarihinde açıklandı

Heart of stone — Uncaring personality

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Heart of stone — Σκληρόπετσος

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Heart of stone — "Καρδιά από πέτρα" - λέγεται για κάποιον που είναι σκληρόκαρδος.

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Heart of stone — Cuore di pietra tradotto testualmente.
Una persona che non prova o mostra sentimenti.

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Heart of stone — دڵڕەقى - بێبەزەیى

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Heart of stone — Serce z kamienia.

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Heart of stone — "Камено срце" ~ Срце од камена

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Heart of stone — Literalmente es "Corazón de piedra". Es cuando una persona no tiene compasión, o piedad de los demás. Una piedra no es capaz de sentimientos, porque es algo inanimado, el corazón humano es comparado con una piedra.

İspanyolca, phantasmagoria tarafından Pzr, 15/12/2013 - 05:51 tarihinde açıklandı

Heart of stone — Taş kalpli / Acımasız anlamlarında kullanılır.

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Heart of stone çevirileri

Almancaein Herz aus Stein (ein steinernes Herz; kein Herz haben)
Arapçaقلب بارد
AzericeDaş qəlbli
BulgarcaСърце от камък
ErmeniceՔար սիրտ
Farsçaسنگ دل
FelemenkçeEen hart van steen (hebben)
Filipino/Tagalogpusong bato
Fransızcaun cœur de pierre
İbraniceלב אבן
İngilizceA heart of stone
Türkçe, Yunanca, İngilizce #1, #2
İngilizceCold hearted
İspanyolcaCorazón de piedra
İtalyancaSenza cuore
İtalyancaCuore di ghiaccio
İtalyancaCuore di pietra
RomenceA avea inima de piatra.
RusçaКаменное сердце
TürkçeTaştan kalpli
Ukraynacaкрижане серце

"Heart of stone" in lyrics

But tell me, you
So big, so strong,
This man that no one affects,
This heart of stone,
Those steel arms which lift me with just one hand,
What's the matter ?

Shy'm - I know

Just like I loved you, just like I loved you
Just like I loved you ’cause you loved me wrong
Just like I loved you, just like I loved you
I was of fire, your heart of stone
I loved you so right but you loved me so wrong

DJ Sava - I Loved You

I hope she's not like you
Like you who has a heart of stone

Like you who has a heart of stone

Alon - Heart of Stone

From every single way
The same due
And I just can't forget you
With your heart of stone

I can't breath

The Twilight Saga (OST) - Heart Of Stone

By your side for the rest of my life
But you laughed at me
Now I know there's nothing innocent about you
You have a heart of stone because you didn't care that you made me suffer

La Arrolladora Banda El Limón de René Camacho - Ya Es Muy Tarde

I am the first, the last
The hot and the cold
I have a heart of stone
In my dreams you don’t exist
You don’t exist

Marie-Mai - It's Me

[Verse 3: Yelawolf]
Love ain't no fairytale, love is a buried nail
Inside of this heart of stone, so you wanna get married? Well
Romeo, Romeo, smokin' blow with Antonio
In the back alley takin' shots of whiskey and only gold

Eminem - Twisted

A requiem for this dead scene

You never answer on the phone
With your nicotine lips and your heart of stone
I look for you by the underpass
Looks like this love wasn’t meant to last

Funeral Suits - All those friendly people

And casting its shroud
Over all we have known
Unaware how the ranks have grown
Driven on by a heart of stone
We could find that we're all alone
In the dream of the proud

Pink Floyd - On the Turning Away

If it were possible to undo everything,
wouldn't I convince you to LOVE
(convince) you and your heart of stone

Does a person just go away when he/she loves so much?

Aslı Demirer - Coward

You told me that you loved that
That you were in Nirvana
You made me better
I had a heart of stone
And you were Cupid's arrow
My heart was the target

Tony Parker - First Love

That rainy day, 11th November,
The angels from heaven were crying with me
I touched the heaven with my tears in the car
My heart of stone was breaking like glass
And I didn't know how much he meant to me
Now I even love that belt he used to beat me with

Lestra - Pinki's story

I kick, call me "The machine"
The zone is seismic for the assiduous bro'
That tumble at the Masjid
I got a heart of stone: of course
But let me specify that it's a precious stone
Mugiwarano, unluncky

Maître Gims - Murder by strangulation

Ricky was a young boy
He had a heart of stone
Lived nine to five and he worked his fingers to the bone
Just barely out of school

Skid Row - 18 And Life

There is nothing to regret
And there is nothing to forgive

I have a heart of stone ...

Megaherz - Heart of Stone

Without you, one night alone
[Taylor Swift]
Is like a year without you, baby
Do you have a heart of stone?
[Joe Elliott]
Without you, I can't stop the hurt inside

Taylor Swift - When Love And Hate Collide

The soldier cries, (he has) a medal on a tunic
So many fellows in a wormwood on a hillock
There's a dragon behind the cloud, (he has) heart of stone
Night has a law - chop to get warm

Lyapis Trubetskoy - Warriors of the light

but it's mighty fine

Paris I've deep
in my heart of stone
an open account
of good manners

Léo Ferré - Roguish Paris

Go on, take on this whole world
But to me you know you'll always be, my little girl

When you were in trouble that crooked little smile could melt my heart of stone
Now look at you, I've turned around and you've almost grown
Sometimes you're asleep I whisper "I Love You" in the moonlight at your door

Tim McGraw - My little girl

She always takes it with a heart of stone
Cuz all she does is throws it back to me
I've spent a lifetime looking for someone

Don't try to understand me
Just simply do the things I say

Michael Jackson - Give In To Me

Turn away again.

You're beaten, so am I.
I've got a heart of stone.
No medication can draw
What has taken hold.

Disturbed - Haunted

That the tide could turn so fast to this degree
Can't believe my eyes
How can you be so blind?
Is the heart of stone, no empathy inside?

Time keeps on slipping away and we haven't learned

Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour

East End boys, West End Girls
West End girls

You've got a heart of glass or a heart of stone
Just you wait 'til I get you home
We've got no future, we've got no past

Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls

Heart in spirit
Life tried anew
Used and discarded
Heart of stone

Wake up - I'm looking for you

Lacrimosa - Through Night and High Tide

I am the first, the last
The hot and the cold
I have a heart of stone
In my dreams you don’t exist
You don’t exist

Marie-Mai - It's me

As the crows feast on the rotting poet

Everyone must bury their own
No pack to bury the heart of stone
Now he's home in hell, serves him well
Slain by the bell, tolling for his farewell

Nightwish - The Poet and the Pendulum

How beautiful it's been
How beautiful it started
And now everything is so repulsiv
Heart of stone, thoughts made of asphalt without form
Once we've been king and queen
in our empire

Luxuslärm - Rain

I’ve got to practice; I know my dad would be so proud
‘Cause then he always loves me, I want even more success
He cares about everything, and what I should become
Or does he simply have a heart of stone
No man, he loves me and mom loves me too
I mean, I feel it, ‘cause sadly, they don’t say it loud

Bushido - A Fairytale

So you're cold
Made of ice
Heart of stone
Born to fight
But I cry

Christina Aguilera - Best Of Me

I am the first, the last
The hot and the cold
I have a heart of stone
In my dreams you don’t exist
You don’t exist

Marie-Mai - It's me

I am the best, the last
The heat and the cold
I have a heart of stone
In my dreams you don’t exist
You don’t exist

Marie-Mai - It's Me

We have the faith for now
Your victory we will gain
father you know we mean it
there's no more heart of stone
were ready for your power
now the sin is gone

Tiffany Evans - Father, Can You Hear Me

Previously, I would paper my bathroom with money, so what?
There is no love song here, why? ‘Cause there are too many of them already
And perhaps because I don’t believe in your love
Since a heart of stone is never at home
Tell me what a heart’s for if it can be broken
Then, people see your pain

Fard - The Boy Without a Heart

A long time ago,
Deep in Heaven, good Saint Peter,
got troubled like a schoolboy
for a star with a heart of stone
once conquered, she flies away
setting fire with her gaze

Jacques Brel - Saint Peter

Some live no matter what, some live locked up in a bunker
Those who live in the light can see the beginning of the tunnel

With a heart of stone, you with a guilty conscience
Sick and tired of sticking our heads in the anger
Eating the dirt, flavoring the soil

Mika - Beautiful Disaster

Why are you waiting for me to get over it?
It hurts.
So what?
I gave you everything I had, but you’ve got a heart of stone,
I’m tired of hearing the same things over and over again,
The pain hurts even more when you begin to like it.

Lora - Lonely Together

Me and my guitar play my way. It makes them frown.
But little pieces by the highway bring me down.
Mine is not a heart of stone, I am only skin and bone,
And those little pieces are little pieces of my own.

James Blunt - Give Me Some Love

She always takes it with a heart of stone
‘Cause all she does is throw it back at me
I’ve spent a lifetime looking for someone

Don’t try to understand me
Simply do the things I say

Three Days Grace - Give In To Me

the stars are saying you're regretting, you want to say you're far from light because of me
i dont think with a hundred sea's you'll be able to wash all this hatred from me

i dont how you want to use a heart of stone to steal my heart again, steal my heart again?

Mohsen Chavoshi - patience

no sympathy you're much to cold
now i feel bad now i feel bad
if i could break your heart of stone
would you be mine / would u be mine

Thieves like us - Forget me not

Velvet and satin and dresses so green
Everyone's dancing with Lady Marlene
Fear is the colour of all that they wear
Mother-of-pearl pallors pulls like her heart of stone

Bloodstains so purple and teardrops of gold

Katzenjammer - Lady Marlene

There's no going back.

Through hands of steel
And heart of stone
Our labour day
Has come and gone.

U2 - The Joshua Tree

In an armchair on channel 3 sits a smug conferencié
and indoctrinates our taste
with a heart of stone and an ironclaw he seems
to be a lord that can take himself in the backside
He wants so much controle our behaviour with his high

Lars Winnerbäck - Balladen Om Konsekvenser

You told me that you loved that
That you reached Nirvana
You made me feel better
I had a heart of stone
From Cupid, you were the arrow
My heart has been the target

Tony Parker - My first love

Not until you return to us

I shall throw my heart of stone

Don't be afraid nor carry any worries

Fadi Andraos - Falestin & Lebnan

You have no blood in your veins
You have a heart of stone that hates me
But I want you, I don't care about the shames
For these very few moments of your love

Notis Sfakianakis - You're a Pistol

Give me back my heart of stone
Cause I know you can't handle it
Give me back my heart of stone
Before it breaks in two

Andreas Kümmert - Heart Of Stone

just one of your ex-boyfriends

Shoulder length hair
and a heart of stone
pearls are scattered over your skin
I really miss you

Dženan Lončarević - Shoulder length hair

What restores our faith in God?
What reveals the Father's love?
What can lead the wayward home?
What can melt a heart of stone?
What can free the guilty ones
What can save and overcome?

Chris Tomlin - Mighty Is The Power Of The Cross

Cause I don't wanna feel
Like a dove with no wings
And I don't wanna know
What a heart of stone sings

But that's a lonely road to travel

Alicia Keys - Send Me An Angel

My good head on my shoulders
I keep a cold stare
On the monitor screen
I keep a heart of stone
Monday to Sunday
And for all the universe

Francis Cabrel - Night-Watchman

But it don’t come easy, it don’t come cheap
No, not with me

And if you think I’ve got a heart of stone
You couldn’t be more wrong, oh…
You might think I’ve been afraid too long

Isaiah Firebrace - Don't Come Easy

There's no going back.

Through hands of steel
And heart of stone
Our labour day
Has come and gone.

U2 - Red Hill Mining Town

You know darn well
When you cast your spell you will get your way
When you hypnotize with your eyes
A heart of stone can turn to clay
Doo, doo, doo ...

America - You Can Do Magic

Now that you returned and say you regret it.
Will say that no was like you for me.
But go, because in your chest,
There was nothing but a heart of stone,
There was nothing .. there was .. nothing.

Sepideh - Your Hands

Without any certainty of ever finding it
It's not because you love a lot
That you'll be stronger to love
It is only against a heart of stone
That you hold them one after the other
Be careful, because Hell may be

Don Juan (Comédie musicale) - Heart Of Stone

A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I can give you life, I can take it away

A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I'm working it out
Why'd you feel so underrated?

Bloc Party - Banquet

We will make you go back to your distant country!
Doesn't matter if what's waiting for you back home is death six feet under

Within the law, within the law of eyes, far from the heart, heart of stone
Run, run, you can always run
Run, run, you have to go

Ministère des affaires populaires - The Hunt is Open

but not with the separation

in front of you, I can't
have a heart of stone,
I say no to anyone,
but I'll never be able against you

Afrim Muçiqi - I Want To Forget You

In the light of Heaven
In the eternal Love

A mischief in a heart of stone
A viper that slithers, a needle in the flesh
And the crucifix upside down

Dracula, l'amour plus fort que la mort (musical) - Heaven and Hell

You got a heart that feels so cold
(I’m gonna let you know) I’m not letting go
(You got a heart of stone) I’m not letting go, no, no, no, no
(You got a heart of stone) I’m not letting go, no, no, no, no

Jonathan Jeremiah - Heart Of Stone

Don't believe In my heart
It's raining, raining, raining

Break a heart of stone
Careless memories
Candles in the wind

Mehrzad Marashi - Don't Believe

Miles away from home
I'll be waiting for your lonely soul

Modern man has a heart of stone
In an age we are so ordinary
Let's pretend, let's pretend we're old

Thirteen Senses - The Loneliest Star

Selfish love yeah we're both alone
The rise before the fall, yeah
But I'm gonna take this heart of stone
I just got to have it all

Ozzy Osbourne - Mama, I'm Coming Home

He ripped out my beating heart
and put it in a jar
He gave me a heart of stone
and I soon forgot my fear

Saltatio Mortis - Cold Heart

Days turn to years
And it seems for a lifetime
That I’ve tried going solo, been on my own
Can I find “that something” for this heart of stone?

Am I living a life that seems frozen in time?

Working With Lemons - Find A Way

Regretful for the things you're not
And all the dreams you haven't got
Without a home
A heart of stone
Lies bleeding

Savatage - Believe

And you forgot your bracelet from Tiffany's, yeah.

Forget our quarrels, they mean nothing.
I used to have a heart of stone, but you turned it into sand grains.

And you would always wait for me to walk out the door so you could burst into tears alone.

Lefa - Call Her Back


Axel Rudi Pell - SILENT ANGEL

Don't get me wrong I’m only warning you you'll be on your own

Maybe baby I’m a heartbreaker, heartbreaker heart of stone

Refrain (x2)

Garou - Burning

The streets carry your laughter
Your laughter hurts me
And I was the ground you walked on
The heart of stone would get it earlier

And I,

Van Gogh - Your laughter

same as you who has a heart of stone.

Same as you who has a heart of stone!

Jovit Baldivino - Heart of Stone

Exiled to an island
Of never having bowed before
The Lord of stony rancor's Machine[fn]'Rancoeur' = 'rancor'. 'Coeur de pierre' = 'heart of stone'.[/fn]
Who holds it against the islander
And isolates him within its atoll

Loco Locass - The Battle of the Fortifications

Love is there when you open the door
and you step off the trail you knew before
Through the streets and the houses of gods you roam
and on their altars you lay your heart of stone

Till all laughter is claws on your skin

Poets of the Fall - Love Will Come to You

Caused great suffering with consequences
Leaded blood shot into the bones
what's ruined can't be gilded
Heart of stone

Heldmaschine - Heart of stone

Far in the distance
I can still see you waving good bye
Oh Senor please forgive me
But your heart of stone can't hear me cry

Dir me Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay

E-Rotic - Mi Amante

Oh no no no
You better go
You better go home
Cause you'll, you'll never break this heart of stone

The Rolling Stones - Heart Of Stone

I feel like a man overboard
What could I do about it?
I feel like a man overboard
My heart of stone
Has only seen half of the sea
Like a man overboard

Étienne Daho - Man Overboard

You'd be on your own.
Maybe baby I'm a heartbreaker
Heart of stone.

Yes I'm burning, burning

E.M.D. - Burning

You're the boy who murdered love

You're the boy who murdered love
Cold hands and a heart of stone
You're a midas in reverse
You're the king of pain and hurt

Diana Vickers - The Boy Who Murdered Love

Heart of stone, I lose
My sense of humour, and I hope
The business sense, I transfer
I learn that love can be lost

I walk in reverse, doing nothing

Jenn Ayache - Fortress

Sometimes when I think of you,
I look for your shadow.
Sometimes I am not myself.
There beats something, but it's a heart of stone.

Luxtorpeda - Tar

I lover who turned her face. I calmed
I will inflame all vessels
Ranjha's . I'm going to melt the heart of stone .
They'll call me crazy.

Katrina Kaif - Crazy

If we lived our challenges, would you still be the same then?

The heart has its desires, reason finishes us
Again, I saw that rift under your heart of stone

What if we put our lives in parentheses

M. Pokora - Between

Treasure this, treasure this.
Is it everything you hoped it would be?
In your soul, in a job, at the firelight,
Could be life in a heart of stone.

Is it love, is it love,

Jon and Vangelis - Is It Love

I've always been curious,
No matter the consequences

My heart of stone is on a journey,
It doesn't want to be tied down
It's allergic to moss,

Kevin Parent - Frequenting Oblivion

Have you see my tears when I hear your laugh?

You were nothing more than an affair,
A scratch on my heart of stone,
I little warmth in the coldness

Offenbach - Nothing More Than An Affair

And my door is always opened to you, come, I'll build a house for you
I have two faces for you, I'm honest and I steal for you
I know you can see your sister crying
And I know you better, I know you don't have a heart of stone
When the hardest time comes along, like a cold winter
I will protect you and hold you in my arms

Bahar - Brother

Girl I ain't sure just what it is
That's got me all tore up like this
Your kiss done melted down this heart of stone

I still like to get a little crazy

Justin Moore - Point At You

Compatible with the masses - in lockstep
Self-destruction - step by step
It's condemned - to be different
Ignorance - heart of stone

In uniform and muted

Blutengel - Being different

He ripped out my beating heart
And kept it safe in a glass.
He gave me a heart of stone
And very fast were my fears forgotten
The life with the cold heart

Saltatio Mortis - Cold Heart

And you know I'll never cry
And you know I'll never cry
Never cry, I'll never cry
Break a heart, break a heart of stone
Open it up but don't you leave it alone
'Cuz that's all I got to give you

Alice Cooper - I Never Cry

He dreamed of someone else not me

I asked him what would happen to my heart of glass?
He answered he got fed up and he would break it with his heart of stone

So I tore up his pictures

Shohreh Solati - I Tore up His Pictures

When I look at myself, right between the eyes
I realise I'm living in a bitter solitude
Love now has a heart of stone,
I'm thinking...

Neno Belan - Is There No More Us?

I finished drinking my coffee and I got up
I didn't watch you leave, I didn't beg you
You would have liked me too, but I didn't falter
I played the part of the robot, of the heart of stone
If I still loved you, I couldn't have done it
If you still loved me, you'd turn back time,

Tomas Jensen - Pelican

If I were able to hate
Perhaps hatred would bring me relief
I ought to have a steel brow
And a heart of stone

Yet you failed to feel

Dillon - From One to Six Hundred Kilometers

You think you can humble me
'Cause I'm all alone
But I've got a iron will
And a heart of stone

I'm a Rocker

Debauchery - Rocker

A heart of stone is pounding in your chest.
You’re not a human but a machine.
The providence has given wondrous beauty to you
But you’re cold and empty deep inside.

Frozen chill is hidden in your beautiful eyes;

Epizod - Heart of stone

And hard to prepare for,
I'm glad I've got you near.

If I had a heart of stone,
I could turn the other cheek,
But that's not me... no...

Die Happy - Perfect...

Be good to others or take the fall

You can't hide a soul when it's hollow
You can't hide a heart of stone
Pathways you have always followed
Left you standing all alone

Jetlag Productions - Sleep no more

I'm not thinking 'bout leavin' home
But I need to be on my own
Doesn't mean I have a heart of stone
I won't even ask them why
I can't ever let them see me cry

Alanis Morissette - On My Own

Tic toc
The ticking that could tear asunder
The beating from a heart of stone
The lust of your divine prosperity

Kamelot - The Human Stain

Be careful, be careful in prison, it's potatoes[fn]Il indique que la vie y est dure, car il faut “donner des patates”, se battre afin de ne pas se faire humilier / Indicates that life is hard, because it is necessary to "give potatoes" or fight in order not to be humiliated[/fn]
I've reached the millions but I've never uttered a 'lalala'
Between us, it's obvious, they don't like me, they're pretending
It's shady, I'm armed, heart of stone, I'm addicted
I'm Mowgli, I'm Simba, I'm an animal, that's for sure
Hum, hum, in their moms, you already know

PNL - In Da Hood

This is the chord that you played on me [17], and now the dream betrayed (me),
And in the end you said I dreamed but destiny conquered (us).

My heart is crushed, to the extent it shed enough blood to water the heart of stone!
All I hear from you is, "I won't return to you; something inside of me was broken."
What was it that was broken?

El Joker - Salma

I'm never breaking through
Feels like a dead end road
So take that any way you want to
You've got this heart of stone
That's keeping me from you
If I break that you hate that so take that any way you want to

American Authors - Heart Of Stone

Meet between the dog and wolf, with the hoarfrost underfoot
And I'll show you every fire in Delphinus

(A heart of stone, rind so tough it's crazy
That's why they call me the avocado, baby)

Los Campesinos! - Avocado, Baby

She favours every man and plays it discreet

She’s a killer bee, a poison ivy
She’s got a heart of stone, not able to feel
Don’t hide and seek, the girl is a freak
She favours every man and plays it discreet

Cassiopeia - Killer Bee

Out from your hole
Like a tooth aching a jawbone...

I was made with a heart of stone
To be broken
With one hard blow

Jane's Addiction - Ocean Size

[Verse 1]
I never thought this heart of stone
Deserved a love like yours
I never thought I'd let anyone

Demi Lovato - Too Much Love

Youll be on your own maybe baby
Im a heartbreaker
Heart of stone

But im burning, im burning

Cue - Burnin'

I see you, I see a child
With expensive clothes and cheap taste
A burned out star without a stage
A watch of gold and a heart of stone
You buy love and sell hate
Believe that speed and sugar are the same thing

Kent - Gigi

Help me, help me now
I just don't know how
You know, I've been so alone
Please, melt this heart of stone

Lah, lah, lah, lah

Keith Green - I Can't Believe It

Oh my God, I feel my heart of stone
From morning until the sun disappears
I did it once, I tried again
My rebellion took hold of my being
All I ask is break me the heart

Annette Moreno - Break me The Heart

I always used to kiss and run,
I never wanted love to catch me

I thought I had a heart of stone
But now I'm in the danger zone
I can feel the heat is on,

Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger

Liel & TINKA:
Will never touch
A heart of stone


Six4One - If we all give a little

Now you're a clone,
With heart of stone,
Synthetic soul,
Brainwashed and cold.

Ash - Clones

My baby's got a heart of stone
Can't you people just leave her alone
She never did nothing to hurt you
So just leave her alone

The motion of her tiny hands

The White Stripes - Truth Doesn't Make a Noise

One pain leaves me and another daunts me
a wave departed and a wave arrives
to batter me, and it's scarcely detained
on my old heart of stone.

Wave that comes, and breaks, and surges and grows

Hilarión Cabrisas - Sea Without Shores

So you will find
your way back home
Where you belong
Your heart of stone
Will start to feel love from now on

Brian Head Welch - Washed By Blood

I'll wake up alone,
Don't tell me I will make it on my own.
Don't leave me tonight,
This heart of stone will sink 'til it dies,
If you leave me tonight.
Don't leave me tonight.

Secondhand Serenade - Stay Close, Don't Go

I can't find the way
Out of the storm
I can't break the chains
In my heart of stone

No more words to say

Wisdom - Judas

You can make it on a wish if you want to

I am no man of steel
I have no heart of stone
Don't tell me how it feels
I'll find it on my own

Goo Goo Dolls - So Alive

I know you're saving my life
Don't let me slip away

Pin me down, and take away this heart of stone
Wind and sound, awake my old dry bones

Thrice - Cataracts

They'd steal her Daddy and they'd steal her home

And it's not so bad when Daddy leaves her alone
Praying to her God with his heart of stone
Don't let Daddy kiss me, don't let Daddy kiss me

Motörhead - Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me

And I have in mind
The face of Italy with clenched teeth
And the blood that trickles
But it has a heart of stone
There where a piano first played
Only dust and earth

Adriano Celentano - Anna Magnani

Go out and have your fun
'Cause my time will come!

You've been shattered glass with your heart of stone
But you won't get far on your own
You keep runnin' hot

Laura Branigan - Shattered Glass

The Cockroach King sits on his throne
With the midas touch and a heart of stone
An empire build on guile and greed
A bleeding ground for those who heed

Haken - Cockroach King

Leave me alone
Get off the phone
I've got a heart of stone

Motörhead - Heart Of Stone

Where are you? Who are we?

I believe in time
Can eat away a heart of stone
And baby, if I leave you too late
It's just a feather and the bird has flown

Bee Gees - Someone Belonging To Someone

fr every fist raised to the sky
the crimes of hate our young sons glorify
for every mouth that yearns for bread
the heart of stone proclaiming god is dead

for every soul that lost its way

Gino Vannelli - I die a little more each day

Don't forget it, I'm always here for you
Your love for me always keeps me close to you
A few more minutes and the goodbye nears
You know I'm always close to you


Igor Ivanović - Heart of stone

I kick, call me "The machine"
The zone is seismic for the assiduous brothers
Who show up at the Masjid
I have a heart of stone, of course!
But let me point out that it is a precious stone
Meugiwarano, bad luck!

Maître Gims - Murder by Strangulation

I'm sick and tired of breaking like glass,
Upon your heart of stone that I loved
And now you're leaving first, without saying a word
One more mistake you're making without thinking

Panos Kiamos - Don't Forget

I lover who turned her face. I calmed
I will inflame all vessels
Ranjha's . I'm going to melt the heart of stone .
They'll call me crazy.

Dhoom 3 (OST) [2013] - Crazy

A soldier cries, medal on his uniform
How many guys are in the wormwood on the hillside?
Behind a storm cloud- a dragon, heart of stone
In the night - the law, chop, to warm up

Lyapis Trubetskoy - Warriors of the light

Walking on a path of air
See your faces everywhere
As you melt this heart of stone
You take my hand to guide me home
And now I'm in love

Michael Learns to Rock - You Took My Heart Away

Each dawn breaks, with a new colour

Sprouting buds and vegetation, from the heart of stone.

Ahmad Hussain - Oh(my) God

For me there's no, there's no one like him

Dear brother, tell, tell her
Not to have a heart of stone
My darling is now at the ocean
There he has not, he has no one of his own

Magazin - All The Sisses Would Kiss Sailors

Wish you were here.
Wish you were here,
'Cause you're dealing with a heart of stone
try to kiss and say goodbye
try to throw our love away

Bee Gees - Wish You Were Here

with your tricks I gave you everything and go with what time you pay me
you betrayed me and It will never happen to me again
And begone with that face you ask me to love you
I understand you have a heart of a stone
I don't know how could fall In love with me
And go away and go and see who can bear you

El Komander - Begone

Just wanna feel like you and I are one
So let it go (let it go)

You got a heart of stone, maybe it's easy to see

Fit for rivals - Gimme the pain

Love was just a game for me
Now I don't
have a heart of stone anymore


Sampaguita - In God Only

Fucking route, obliged that I rap
XXX scarred, loud like a gun
I candied my soul to God, my fucking punishment to the listener
Gringe: a heart of stone that we don't drill without a jackhammer
We pay the chronic almost every week
Since the cup is full I'm afraid to end alcoholic

Gringe - Bombattak Freestyle

I've been waiting for this for long
A little gleam of mind
A little song in the moonlight
To warm up the heart of stone
The wood fire lights up the sky
The great return to the essential

Ridan - The farmer

When she sleeps, it’s at the bottom of the hill
That she does with my body what she wants to
It’s a sunflower that is emigrated into the vines
With a heart of stone, and making flames of a fire

A gipsy cry hidden in her murmurs

Philippe Lafontaine - Macedonian

You didn't open your heart
caring only about yourself ...
With you I felt like an outcast
falling victim to your heart of stone!

You never apologize to me,

Nikos Oikonomopoulos - I don't care

I won't feel sorry for you
Live with your loneliness,
With your shadow as your company
And I'm going far away from your heart of stone,
So I can be saved

Panos Kalidis - I'm Leaving, Your Heart Is Made Of Stone

Under your mask, so infinitely austere
You shall fall into ruin, oh you're fragile

Your soul has been exchanged for a heart of stone
You pull everyone with into the abyss

Tanzwut - Liar

if to the resurrection day i wouldnthave u bcz of my destiny
i will waiting for you with the heart full of loyalty
if bcz of my warmth tears,even heart of stone burnfor me
if my dead-body rot after this mortal world
if you be the legend of stories

Andy - devotee

Hate is the fear of the heart
when it feels nothing
The bravery to somehow live with this
Because when a heart of stone turns into
the most sensitive treasure
it is as if a human

Bajm - The stain on the wall

You're unfaithful
You're ruthless
You have a heart of stone, cruel

You don't understand the pain of heart

Esengül - You Don't Understand the Pain of Heart

Your kind of woman gotta heart of stone
But watch it break when I get you alone
Take a chance, come lay down with me
Oh, I wanna make it

Slow and steady never lost the race

Def Leppard - Comin' Under Fire

Another night, when you are away from me
How can you stand it
Heart of stone
You can't
have one in your chest

Andreas Stamos - Another night

Sympathy just leads to loss
A heart of stone
Damned to walk this earth alone

Like Moths To Flames - What's Done Is Done

Take my love, take my love!

Don't leave me alone!
But you've got a heart of stone...
Prove me wrong!

Plazma - Take my love

with thin sickles
they cut, they fail.

With a heart of stone
a hand of iron that tightens
(a) sinister right.

L'Ham de Foc - Angels of mint

Poison him with salt in his beer
And phosphor in the cake.

And when your man has a heart of stone
And does not listen to your grumbling
Loke him in the dungeon

German Folk - When your woman has a broad yap (The martial war)

I won't tell you
that you are merciless
you have a heart of stone
and are self-centred
I will never tell that

Roj Karim - I won't tell you

Jesus died for somebody's sins but not mine
Meltin' in a pot of thieves
Wild card up my sleeve
Thick heart of stone
My sins, my own
They belong to me, me

Patti Smith - Gloria

you kill me with you lie
you finish me with one look
tell me what travels in your blood
heart of stone

You kill me and you dont care

Christos Dantis - Betrayal

we had quite a story, damn you
when you didn't see me miss you
you would change your color for me every second
your heart of stone broke my heart of glass
one day I'll go to war with you with another love

0111 Band - Last Dance

We're not afraid, we're together

I have a heart of stone, I won't say it to their faces
They'll never know

Buffy - Once More With Feeling (OST) - Walk Through the Flames

To find peace and a roof

They look at him and smile at him, but do not linger here
Their heart of stone crumbles to the wind, their wandering soul ignores the child
Far from home, his family dream of peace at night
Lying on the ashes in front of the soldiers waving

Kevin Chomat - The Child

I wasted my future
the youth of my life
an indifferent heart of stone
was my catastrophe

Stelios Kazantzidis - Nobody came to see me

I don't know how to survive

Heart of stone, heart
Heart of stone

Lucía Méndez - Heart of Stone

Though you’re gone forever
I can’t make you disappear

‘Cause you got into my heart of stone
And I don’t do well here on my own
Now the silence keeps me up at night

No Angels - Disappear

Don't act so noble at all
You, my sweet baby,
Have a heart of stone,
You, my sweet baby,
I don't want anything from you, trust me!

Austin Egen - Sweet baby

To be tossed by the storm!

I have walked alone
With a heart of stone
And despair too heavy for tears,
But you caught my heart

Perry Como - I Know

and I feel so helpless and weak

Sometimes I wish I had a heart of stone
since then I would not have to cry
when I see all that happens on this earth

Gaby Albrecht - Sometimes I wish I had a heart of stone

Like a lost soul
I feel like I'm all alone
If only I could feel your pain
Within your heart of stone

I wish I may

Backstreet Boys - If You Knew What I Knew

Sometimes when I picture you with her,
wanna scream and tell her how it feels
to be loved and lost.
I hope she has a heart of stone.
Last week when I saw you together
just like we were, just before the storm.

Ann Sophie - I Believed

And belive me, you strange girl
He is lying and cheating on you
and has heart of stone

I don't have problem

Erna Dzeba - Stranger

When all that you love is dead
It's my desireless game to be alive

It's a heart of stone that beats inside
I'm forced to climb over the walls
Stillness falls upon this endless night

Entwine - Time Of Despair

you must explain to me a bit better
how to tell you goodbye.

My heart of stone is quick to catch fire,
your heart of glass is fire-proof,
I'm quite confused, I don't want

Kate Ryan - How to Tell You Goodbye

And when my breath is the wind...
...where will you be, dear God?

I have no forgiveness, I have a heart of stone!
I am a lesson born of greed.
I am torn and twisted, I am a broken bone!

Gary Numan - When The World Comes Apart

bothers me either way.
Would I be growing up?
That would be good.
I hear nothing but my heart of stone.
Tonight I won't party[fn]plays on two different meanings of "faire": "faire la fête"(party) and "faire la belle ou la bête"(act the beauty or the beast), while reffering to the tale "la belle et la bête" ("Beauty and the Beast)[/fn]
nor act the beauty[fn]again "la belle" is meant for a female singer[/fn] nor the beast.

Juliette Gréco - I feel good

Who live under the light and see the start of the tunnel

With heart of stone, you with the quilty conscience

Tired of burrying our heads under anger

Fedez - Beautiful Disaster

He tore out my beating heart
Stored it in a glass
Gave me a heart of stone
And quickly I forgot my fears

Saltatio Mortis - The Cold Heart

I run my world, bounce to my own beat
Don’t need any of your stupid, selfish kind of loving, loving

Some say I have a heart of stone
But they’re not me so they don’t know

Davinia - Betrayed

Ya'll get stop the less or not
What are ya nai not tippin that
She was a girl with a heart of stone
Took me on the line that she leave me alone
Like wee willy winkle I'm running through the town

Inner Circle - Da Bomb

The foundation's begun to tremble and shake.
For each crime I commit the more I awake.
Some see a heart of stone, I see stone walls collapsing.
And floods of blood sipping through the barrier
from the other side, to stain a murderer's path.

Portrait - Infinite Descension

Deliver me! Wake me up from this damning sleep
I'm surrendering! Pull me out from this wickedness
In this thieving heart of stone
I realized all these sins I could not atone

Wolves at the gate - Dead man

Asleep lay a heart of stone
But never alone
You can make a tender one

Your sound wakes my mind for
Your morning song

Strahan - You're The Dawn

They made a harp out of her breast bone
<em>Lay the bairn tae the bonnie broom</em>
The sound of which would melt a heart of stone
Fa la la la la la la la la la

The Old Blind Dogs - The Cruel Sister

I can't go home I cannot sleep
I cannot give I cannot keep
This heart of stone has left me here
With only rumours of you left
I guess to see you leaving was for the best

Agua De Annique - Sunken Soldiers Ball