Hundert Prozent (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Şarkıcı: Helene Fischer
  • Şarkı: Hundert Prozent 2 çeviri
  • Çeviriler: İngilizce, İtalyanca
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İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce

Hundred Percent

You know my dreams
No one else knows what they’re like
You also know the desire
That burns in my heart
Sometimes I have a little doubt
Maybe I love you too much
I want you
And always more from you
I want
Everything or nothing at all
Want a hundred percent
Can it be that this madness
Will some day separate us?
My desire will never lose you
And it finds you
Wherever you are
It wants to live with you
For now and forever
A love that knows
Only a hundred percent
Barefoot through the fire
I would always go with you,
And I would like to see my most beautiful dreams in your eyes
I have flown high with you
And have woken up with you
But I want more from you than the night
And when you go in the morning
My heart goes with you
Your love always stays with me
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Hundert Prozent

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