Huwag Ka Nang Magbabalik (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Don't Ever Come Back

When you left me, my world has crumbled
because my love belongs to you, alone
but as the year passes
my wounded heart has healed at last
When you come back, please don't surprise
my resting feeling, my heart that has been struck with thorns
The sweetness of passion and the warmth of your kiss,
which I desire to feel, even there's no word spoken
Please don't come back
because this heart is still longing for you
And if ever, I knew that
I'll just fall for you, don't ever come back
Repeat 2nd stanza
Repeat chorus
I can't stop the cry of my heart
Even though you hurt me so badly, I still love you, hoh
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Huwag Ka Nang Magbabalik

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