In the pound

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Meanings of "In the pound"


В заключении, в заперти, вневоле

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"In the pound" içeren şarkı sözleri

Romeo Santos - Beautiful and sensual

Romeo Santos] 
Hello my love, I come with you (DY) 
Nicky, Nicky, Nicky Jam 

Rammstein - Ashes to ashes

Warm body
burning cross
false judgement
cold grave

Romeo Santos - Beautiful and sensual

Hello, my love, I come accompanied
Nicky, Nicky, Nicky Jam

Bobby Shmurda - Hot Nigga

Ya'll tryna' make a next motherfuckin' scene up in here, huh?
It's like Shmurda she wrote
How much shmoneys that? Ah ah ahh, ah, ah, ahh

Şükrü Erbaş - Why we should kill villagers?

Why we should kill villagers?

Because they are lazy men
They are living with resisting indifferently

Ziad Rahbani - O Times of Sectarianism

O times of sectarianism
F*** me and f*** you1
Keep your hand on your ID, and hold it as firmly as you can2
See how beautiful a [Lebanese] pound was: 3

  • 1. This is a sarcastic line. Sectarianism (in the first line) is a bit similar-sounding to “f*** me”.
  • 2. The ID card in Lebanon used to contain the holder’s religion, so it also symbolizes sectarianism here.
  • 3. Back in the days, 1 dollar was equal to 3.3 Lebanese Pounds. After the sectarian civil war, 1 dollar became equal to over 3000 Pounds then 1500, and this value is still constant. So, the same pound that had some value became almost useless.

Heldmaschine - The Machine is Speaking...

At night almost all cats are gray
Before the entrance in the underworld
Enjoy the meat inspection
At the place that we like so much

K.I.Z. - Bad Girl

Face like an angel and a right like Klitschko
She only keeps her head above water by grindin'
Her best friend's named Pasha, right now he's in the pound
The middle finger is her favorite word

LIZ - When I rule the world

I rule the world, when I rule world
I-I rule the world
I rule the world, when I rule world
I-I rule the world

Hubert Lenoir - POUND CAKE

Two fingers in the pound cake
Crucify the undertaker
Two fingers in the pound cake
In life and in death

Q Strange - Microphone Therapy

[Verse 1]
I'm a scumbag, an arrogant, all-American slum trash,
Dumbass, kinda motherfucker you don't run at
Where the gun at? I put it right to my head until I find a pen

Himera (ex Deputat Baltiki) - Poem of the Cisterns in Love

I start reporting with a noose around my neck
I give an ultimatum to black holes,
Three burning embers in the palms will scatter
The cherry-colored cold over the harsh world,

$uicideboy$ - SOUTH SIDE $UICIDE

Outside in an all black ride
Tint rolled up when I'm high
Said they all wanna live but I just wanna die

Migos - Chinatown

My diamonds they kick Johnny Cage, Quentin Jackson Rampage
Plug out in China Town, hit my cell and said he got that shrimp fried rice
He drop the prices by the pound in China Town

Stiff Little Fingers - Alternative Ulster

There's nothin' for us in Belfast
The Pound's old and that's a pity
Ok so there's the Trident in Bangor
And then you walk back to the city

Skepta - No Sleep

No sleep
Greaze, yeah

Lucy Dacus - Troublemaker Doppelgänger

But who knows what'd get in and what'd get out
One of these nights, I'll sleep with the windows down
But not until that creature's in the pound

The Tiger Lillies - Russians

The dogs they all do howl
Just beneath the surface, the faces all do scowl
Selling off an empire, they sell it by the pound
The Russians in the market square

Billie Bust Up (OST) - I've Had Enough of You

But I am Fantoccio the Great and I'll not... ha!
Be outdone!
Welcome to Fantoccio's spectacular theatre in the pound!
Please excuse my thespian vernacular

New Kids On The Block - Dirty Dawg

But since you didn't want it, then girl, you got to go
Don't think that you can play me, and jerk me all around
You used to be my lady, now your ass is in the pound