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Reach for the stars

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"Reach for the stars" deyiminin deyimsel çevirileri

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Meanings of "Reach for the stars"


To set one's goals or ambitions very high. To try to attain or achieve something particularly difficult that seems far beyond your grasp. It means to not allow anything to keep you from your goals, your dreams.

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"Reach for the stars" içeren şarkı sözleri

Lucy Spraggan - Fight for it

I'm gonna stand here and fight with you

Someone said reach for the stars
But I reach for the clouds

Sergey Lazarev - You Are The Only One

​Lights up the skyline to show where you are
​My love is rising, the story’s unwinding
​Together we’ll make it and reach for the stars

Sarah Geronimo - Stars

And if we reach the end
Just hold on tight
We will reach for the stars

Alligatoah - Like at home

All of my mistakes, all of my mistakes
All of my mistakes in my luggage
I reach for the stars and the dirt
But I will not be free of myself

Blutengel - We are the Light

[Verse 1]
You don't want to be alone
In this big, wide world
You'll never be alone with me

Måneskin - Sh*t Blvd

'cause I got something standing in the lot of the Shit Boulevard
1, 2, 3, shot the king to the ground
I've got wings and I reach for the stars
For my system, I'm bored in my mind

ASWAD - Shine

Spreading your light wherever you are

I reach for the moon and I reach for the stars
With the strength from within me yeah, the further and faster I run

Star vs The Forces of Evil (OST) - Here I Am

Now as queen, I am yours
Let's make magic and reach for the stars
Let's make magic and reach for the stars

Alligatoah - Like being at home

All of my flaws, all of my flaws
All of my flaws inside my luggage
I reach for the stars and for the dirt
But I cannot escape myself


A big blue sky, a pocket of dreams
A head full of hopes, possibilities
I’m taking a chance to reach for the stars, for the stars

Unheilig - Angel of Fire

Passed the dreams
into the light that is believed not to exist
I reach for the stars
to be next to you

Sonic the Hedgehog (OST) - Reach For The Stars

Just take my hand (Just take my hand)
We'll take a chance tonight...
Reach for the stars...

Quest (Philippines) - Just Go On

If I were you, go stand up
Don't be left behind and follow us
To the light, and reach for the stars

Turkic Epics - The Epic Of Manas Part 1

In ancient times, in the Kervan period, in broad daylight, back when the Tulpar1 was scratching, under the moonlight, without taking of their belt, on horseback, who were in hibernation, in the period of soldiers, with their face that looked like a lion, attacking the enemy, whose flag was waving, a world-renowned, someone who'd never take off their fur cap, living by roaring, a nation called the Kyrgyz existed, their flag was azure, their enemies would outnumber their fellows
Once upon a time, in the God Mountain, the one who ruled the Kyrgyz, set the thames of them alight, the Han from Karahan acceded to the throne, no words would match his valour, his richness wouldn't be expressed, his fame did reach for the stars in the sky
My good old God didn't create anything never-ending, God in this lurid world balanced the ones who's come and gone, the big and the small, some day the one who quivered the cold ground Karahan had passed away too, his throne was acceded by his son Oğuz Han, Oğuz Han was just and stupendous too, had a lot of soldiers, to the Turks, to the Kyrgyz he headed, by roaring the lowlands from the east, prairies, the mountains and the jungles he wandered like a lion, he went to the place where there was no turning back too, after Oğuz Han, Babir Han, after Kögöy Han, Nogoy Han took over, after many years, in a dark night, the magpie, gave Nogoy Han a sinister cue, for oh so long the one who nursed a grievance, lusted after to his wealth, prosperity and throne, the shrewd Kara-Hitay Han waged a war against Esenhan, Nogay Han's waist had been done-gone, his large world narrowed, the white-marquee of the Kyrgyz in the Ala-Mountain has been put to the sack, perished, the Turk tribes' ruined completely.

  • 1. A mythological creature

Cash Cash - Reach For The Stars

Just take my hand (Just take my hand)
We'll take a chance tonight...
Reach for the stars...

maNga - Fly To Stay Alive

Fly, baby, fly, we gotta fly to stay alive
These words, these words, no magic till we try
Take a leap, leap of faith, reach for the stars in the night
Break the curse of this earth

Lamar - Fly (The Lonely Shepherd)

Hard times in the ghetto yo, it's time to slow up
Little man on the block with the plans to blow up
You cane make it out of the ghetto if you reach for the stars
When the times're getting ruff, just think with your heart

Gaia Cauchi - The Start

I know that I'll get through it
I know that I can make it
I'll reach for the stars

Photon Maiden - 4 Challenges

None of your concern
Our soul burns
Come on, go reach for the stars

Unheilig - Like In The Good Old Days

Once more we want
To reach for the stars
We are young and strong again,