smell blood

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Meanings of "smell blood"


to recognize the weakness of your opponent, to be ready to take over in the competition, challenge, etc.

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To sense that adversary or rival is weak and can be easily defeated.

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Sentir la victoire./ croire en ses chances.

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समझ में आ जाना कि विरोधी या प्रतिद्वंद्वी कमज़ोर है और उसे हराया जा सकता है।

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oler el triunfo.
confiar en que uno puede ganar.

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"smell blood" içeren şarkı sözleri

Eminem - No Love

Killin' the flow, slow venom
And the opponent is gettin' no mercy, mark my words
Ain't lettin' up, relentless, I smell blood
I don't give a fuck, keep givin' them hell

Slaughter to Prevail - Russian Hate

The whole family will drink blood
The beast can smell blood from afar
A whole river of blood will be spilled

Zergananda - The Path to Valhalla

In the golden halls of Valhalla

I smell blood around
Valkyries are flying in the sky

lynch. - CREATURE

I’ll dissolve into this night I came in touch with, it feels like a non-stop ejaculation

I search for you in the midst of the smell of blood
Please, I love you, it’s so dark, so dark, so dark, into the darkness.

Nicki Minaj - Fly

Me against enemies, me against friends
Somehow they both seem to become one
A sea full of sharks and they all smell blood
They start coming and I start rising

Atsushi Sakurai - X-Lover

my favorite smell
it is your scent mixed with the smell of blood
I think of you and I become exhausted

Mehrad Hidden - Rock A Chock

Come here for a minute

Rock a chock chock
Rock a chock chock chock

Tokio Hotel - Dogs

Let us free

We smell blood and love wildly
We bite everyone who torments u

DJ Khaled - GOD DID

With the odds stacked against me, I could crack Da Vinci
I know only God can judge us, I say that for Brittney
They smell blood like the sharks, they start actin' fishy
Well, I'ma have to act a ass and they gon' have to kiss me

Albino - War and peace

3 points


Corrado Guzzanti - Fascists on Mars

On a German missile prototype 1
With six crackers each for dinner
Our heroes go straight to the Martian heart
They shall make those green antennae bow to our duce 2

  • 1. this is the opening theme of a series of satirical sketch broadcasted on Italian television in 2002, then readapted as a movie in 2006. The story follows the deeds of a fictional group of fascist that, during the fascist era in Italy, tried to colonise Mars. It's all a parody of the fascist rhetoric and propaganda, in the newsreel style typical of those days, but it also satirise modern Italian politics and society.
  • 2. "duce" (from Latin "dux", "commander") was the title chosen by Benito Mussolini during his infamous twenty years as Italian dictator.

Heidevolk - A Wolf in My Heart

I chase my prey in the dark
Like a silent shadow in the wild
Suddenly I smell blood, I’ll attack and chase after
A wild scream as my prey lets its life

Ashnikko - Halloweenie III: Seven Days

I don't feel like myself anymore
I can smell blood and it's trailing out the door
What if I'm rotten, worms eating at my core?

Krovostok - Dumbbell

First I land a blow on Lyoha's ear with a dumbbell, putting the gun aside
Might use it later, tо top it off
To put icing on Lyoha
And absolve him of all his cheap sins

Brothers of Metal - Berserkir

Berserkir! (x8)

He fights - he fights until he wins or dies
No fear - no fear can touch him now

Orbit Culture - A Sailor’s Tale

The final confrontation
Of this beast, eating worlds
The smell of blood and guns is here

Elena Siegman - The One

With all I touch and all I see.
There's an iron smell of blood in the air,

Hypothermia - Part 1

My fingers smell of blood,
Sweet, sour, dull, decay, bitter-smelling
A stench of rotting meat and skin
The smell covers my clothes, my body

In This Moment - Sanctify Me

I smell blood
Your fire, your pain
I know that you hurt
And suffer like me

Peja - Slum

then, brother, tenement gate in Jeżyce is your only home.
Down here pampered rapper from a catalogue is game.
Once you smell blood you’ll be slitting throats all the time.
They can't compete with us.