il n'a pas inventé l'eau tiède

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il n'a pas inventé l'eau tiède (Fransızca) — lit. "he didn't invent tepid water", meaning he's not very bright. That's passably condescending in French.

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il n'a pas inventé l'eau tiède — il n'est pas très malin

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il n'a pas inventé l'eau tiède çevirileri

AlmancaJ-d ist keine große Leuchte
Arabic (other varieties)ما جبتش الديب من ديله
Arabic (other varieties)ما فتحتش عكا
FransızcaIl n’a pas inventé la poudre
FransızcaIl n'a pas inventé le fil à couper le beurre
Fransızca #1, #2
FransızcaIl n'est pas une lumière
İngilizceHe won’t set the Thames on fire
İspanyolcaNo haber inventado la polvora
RusçaЗвёзд с неба не хватать
Türkçeumut isigi gorunmuyor

"il n'a pas inventé l'eau tiède" in lyrics

I love you all
Now I’m going to talk
I would like us to live together
On love and warm water <fn> Conflates two expressions: “vivre d'amour et d'eau fraîche” - to live on love and cold water, and “il n'a pas inventé l'eau tiède” - he didn’t invent warm water (he’s not the sharpest tool in the box)</fn>
Yeah, well it’s because cold water that hurts the teeth a bit too much, that’s why.
But ok, that’s just me. You do what you want. They’re your teeth after all.

Yanik Vabre - With a black dot in the middle