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İzmir is burning

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Come back, come back, my love, this pain is burning me
I miss you, (hear me), I miss you sorely
When seagulls glide (high in the sky), my tears glide (down the cheeks)
(I'm crying), crying my eyes out (in myriads of creeks)
When sunset paints the shore (and sky) in tints of tangerine
I can't rejoice, (I fail to love the colors or the scene)
No consolation can I find in crescent or the stars*
I ache and suffer. Think about
how much I love a gentle breeze to lighly touch my face
I softly cry.
To be so far from you? Oh no, I think I'd rather die**
Izmir is burning in the flames of deep and hopeless love
Izmir is burning in the flames of deep and hopeless love
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* literally: The Evening star (Venus)
**literally: This separation (hurts) more than death (would)


Izmir yanıyor

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