Kimberley Michelle Barr - Cold



Cold winter streets
In the UK,
Can you hear
There is pain in what I say?
That's why I do for me,
Do it my way
Might see me smile as I skip to a beat,
Happiness reciprocates half of what I see
Around me
I might see uncertainty,
Still simple — pleasantries,
I see beauty in everything
Do you?
Do you enjoy a summer breeze
Or the way
The way the wind blows through the trees.
On moonlit sky, I feel what I describe
Something calls to me,
I gaze at the lights
Oh, what a wonderful sight (but then)
I don't know if it's just me- or is it this society?
Or gravity swiftly brings me back down to reality?
So sometimes I wish to be alone,
No blanket or cover,
To discover a path in life completely new to me,
So I jump up and grab every opportunity
Is it the life we lead? — Oh, no
Then is it the dream I dream?- Oh, no
Then is it the songs you write?- No, I don't really think so,
That keep you up at night?- No, I don't really think so
An idea about true poverty,
Most are rich but poor in life and Ideology,
People caught up
In technology,
Have no concern, or they never make apologies
Then meaningless labels in the city shops
And kids at corner shops
They're on the block, they're selling rock
They're wasting time,
Dream chasers, not dream makers,
Most of them just being fakers,
Never givers, they are takers
And I
I sit back listening
Daydreaming wondering
Daydreaming pondering
On what I should be thinking of
In slumbering
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