Kimberley Michelle Barr - Respond don't panic

  • Sanatçı: Kimberley Michelle Barr
  • Şarkı: Respond don't panic
  • Çeviriler: Rusça
  • İstekler: Çince, Urduca

Respond don't panic

Already deleted, half my worries and my stressing,
But something inside still keeps me second guessing,
No longer does the pressure build, cause me depression,
Search deeper within, you can learn yourself a lesson
You don't need weed, you can already be, what u really want to be,
Even if your vision is clouded with uncertainty,
I don’t need weed to - never been in reality,
Always stuck in a daydream - will somebody wake me?
I like to dream sweet things - some think I am being lazy,
But the people that don’t know me - never really phase me,
I understand how being high might make you feel right,
I understand don’t get me wrong, on the occasional night,
Know release of the best type’s from within your own mind,
In a prison a beautiful mind can find freedom inside,
Yeah we all talk to our self at times,
Are you wrong- well no- your mind is a sanctuary,
Every daydream and daymare, you visit where you choose to be,
If someone asks "am I crazy" they think they know that they are,
Society labels, takes no account for good hearts,
How behavior is categorized, changes over time,
Look at the start of Broadmore, some of them where fine,
Till they where labelled and imprisoned, yeah -the labeller's where blind,
Haha- yeah suppose your talking Morse code, I understood well till you said relax and explode,
When I feel like you described my head wants to implode,
Nobody likes dossing, dossers find themselves tossing,
Tossing off, drinking too much, but they know it's there life its costing,
Realising thir losses, wishing for daisy's - candy flossing,
Drugs paint rose tints – (fade too fast) till they end up in coffins,
Not a single person could brainwash me,
I'm strong at mind, focus on where I wanna be,
Do you even know what brainwashing means?
Its when someone becomes manipulated to unlearn what there taught,
But the streets you grew up, bred very similar thoughts,
So don’t need to be thoughts of something that you distort,
Like, they are already taught so don’t need to be relearned
So its only a rare mind you may be able to turn,
In a way agree, so many are trapped in there surroundings,
Variables like money and kids can become confounding,
Cos some don’t know how to break out of there bubbles,
Pull themselves from the rubles, temporary make right with cuddles,
Sometimes all we need is for someone to hold tight,
Someone to reassure everything is alright,
If your a Shepard — your a government raising army for war,
Are people fighting with you and don’t know what for?
I know that's not what you meant in those lines,
But when I read between this line - that's the meaning i find
Haha – its a myth that nice guys never finish first,
In story winners push past others and don’t care who they hurt,
It's team players and carers who make real situations work,
I live by - if you smile the whole world smiles back,
Don’t look down move forward and keep myself on track,
If its true that u can be anyone's friend, are you a friend to yourself?
And do ever worry that somehow you'll be a book left on the shelf?
Your not a Facebook, so don’t think your famous,
And its not just foes, rivals and adversary's fame gets,
But allies and friends, companions that will stick to the end,
I'm sure you've herd it before, to reinforce — here, once more,
"Paranoia – will annoy-yer",
Agreed - greed, until they they think found happiness,
Chasing paper dreams is one example of an empty wish,
Money offers materialism and leads to selfishness,
But improper use like anything only leads to loneliness
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Kimmy23Kimmy23    Perş, 22/08/2019 - 21:01

Broadmore is spelled wrong my bad (Broadmoor). It is a highly secure mental institution.... Yes, I wrote this lyric a long time ago when my spelling was quite bad. Explode, like a bomb.

Lina BugulovaLina Bugulova    Pzr, 25/08/2019 - 17:30

Hello, Kimmy!
I had an idea. I do not know if it is working or not. Tell me, please, your opinion

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