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北岳 (Kitadake) (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Sanatçı: Takashi Hosokawa (細川たかし)
  • Şarkı: 北岳 (Kitadake)
  • Çeviriler: Çevriyazım, İngilizce, İspanyolca


南アルプス 青いやまなみ
天と大地を 結ぶ山あり
生きる厳しさ おしえる 北岳
いのちの歌を 歌っているぜ
朝日を抱いた 雄大な 北岳
母のやさしさ 父の強さを
山の姿に おもかげ偲ぶ
なみだあふれて 愛しき 北岳
がまんの歌を 歌っているぜ
安らぎ祈る 雄大な 北岳
岩に雷鳥 川にせきれい
実り豊かな 大地の宴
富士を見つめて 凛々しき 北岳
男の歌を 歌っているぜ
夕日に映える 雄大な 北岳
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İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce
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Mount Kita

On the blue mountain range of the southern alps
There's a mountain that ties the sky with the earth
The mount Kita that teaches the intensiveness of living
Singing a life song
It embraced the morning sun, the majestic Mount Kita
Mom's tenderness and dad's strength
I remember their faces in it's mountain shape
Tears overflow, dear mount Kita
Singing a patience song
I pray for their happiness, majestic Mount Kita
Ptarmigans in the rocks, wagtails in the river
A banquet of ground rich in harvests
The brave mount Kita stares at the Fuji
Singing a man's song
It shines in the setting sun, the majestic Mount Kita
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