Jacques Brel - L'amour est mort (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Love is dead

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They’ve run out of mutual curses
They stab at each other in silence
Hatred has become their science
Yells have become their laughs
Love is dead, love is empty
It’s gone back to join the gulls
The big house has turned ghastly
Doors slam at any odd time
They’ve forgotten that a short while ago
The Strasbourg they’d laughed their way through
Had seemed to them hardly wider
Than a large suburban square
They’ve forgotten the smiles
They used to deposit all around
When I talked to you about lovers
It was those two I had in mind
Around noon the evening fun begins
To which a few chimes make dents
It’s still the same sheep barn
But the sheep have turned barmy
He dreams of erstwhile mistresses
She makes up her fancy next lover
Now they only see in their children
The flaws that the other left
They’ve forgotten the good times
When the break of day smiled
As he recited Hamlet to her
In the nude and in German
They’ve forgotten they used to live
As a couple, a thousand lives consumed
When I was saying crazy good show
It was of those two that I spoke
The piano is but furniture
The kitchen weeps over a few sandwiches
And they look like two dervishes
Spinning away in the same torture
She’s forgotten she used to sing
He’s forgotten she used to sing
They murder their nights
By reading books closed shut
They’ve forgotten that in the past
They cruised from party to party
Even if they had to invent at the top of their wits
Parties that didn’t exist
They’ve forgotten the virtues
Of starvation and the North wind
When they slept inside two suitcases
But how about us, love?
How are you?
How are you?
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L'amour est mort

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mbg    Salı, 25/01/2011 - 17:23

1) Spinning away in the same torture: of course, it should be building/location; I changed it to rhyme with furniture, adding the extra notion of torment, which is not in the text but in the context - poetic license;
2) 'Nu comme un ver' is usually translated by 'stark naked', but 'in the nude' is preferable here by putting under the same form, at the same level (in the nude/in German) two things of different nature,yet another poetic device.