Édith Piaf - La Foule (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

The crowd

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I recall the town celebrating and being euphoric.
Suffocating under the sun and the joy.
And I can hear, through the music, the loud laughters
That burst and bounce around me,
And lost among these people who are jostling me,
Vertiginous, helpless, I stand there,
When suddenly, I turn around, he steps back,
And the crowd throws me in his arms.
Carried by the crowd which drags us and draws us away,
Squeezed against one another,
We are now only one soul,
And the stream, effortlessly
Pushes us, shackled on eachother
And let us together,
Blossomed, tipsy and happy.
Carried away by the crowd which takes off and which dances a crazy farandole, both our hands remains in one another.
And sometimes, lifted in the air
Both our bodies, forming one, take off
And we both land in,
Blossomed, tipsy and happy.
And the joy bursting out of his smile,
Goes through me and reflects inside of me.
But suddenly I shout amongs the laughters.
When the crowd rips him away from me
Carried by the crowd which drags us, draws us away and put us apart.
I struggle ans I fight my way through the crowd.
But the sound of his voice
Fades away among other's laughters.
And I shout out of pain, fury and rage.
And I cry
Carried away by the crowd which takes off and which dances a crazy farandole,
I am taken far away
And I clench my fists, cursing the crowd that is stealing
The man that it had given me
And that I have never found again.
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Beautiful song


La Foule