Lapsuus loppui (İngilizce translation)

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Childhood ended

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Today I will carry out this
I will get a new program again
Lot of heavy clothes on
Hefty boots will be put on feet
Healing is already slower
Now if knee gets dinted
Bright funny ones will be changed
To a brownish white plaster
And how did it happen
The childhood just ended
Where does it disappear to
After which moment did it drown
As it's only thought about
If you can even swim while it's thundering
And then it will be worried
Where a dead mouse will find a grave
I didn't imagine it would be like this
The everyday of an adult
Clown of the mirror is getting older
Toes are terrified of shards
And how did it happen
The youth just ended
Where did it go to
Under which concern did it bent to
As in general it's thought
Always two boys at a time
In the morning with the first one
Evening will be spent with the other
Time is escaping, the day is getting shorter
There is so many opening
Alluring doors
The day is getting longer, the time is dragging by
And then it will resemble the other
A day follows after another
The light is lessening
It's evening
Although there are thousands of stars
Only one of them will be
The place you've told me to go
When I'll make my very last song
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Lapsuus loppui

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