A Melody That Can't Be Found (İngilizce translation)

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A Melody That Can't Be Found

I'm a tone in deadly silence that sounds to you like future,
a hopeful note that you melody isn't singing1
I'm a star in the black universe which promises you a new world
A colorful sparkling in the emptiness, but I'm not your homeland
If you want me to I'm music, if you want me to I'm the all2
For you I'll reinvent myself, live and pass into nothing
I'm a word on empty lines that remains a fairytale to you,
a wonderful legend that nevertheless doesn't write your happy end
I'm a moment in the stream of time that is like eons to you
A moment of rest in chaos that however escapes you immediately
If you want me to I'm legendary, if you want me to, eternity
One look from you and I understand what my heart means by love
A tone, a sound, a melody that can't be found
A wish, a star, a dream
A word, a smile, a remedy just for a while
I'm here, I'm there, I'm gone
A song sounds through time and space
Melody screaming with longing
Energy is flowing eternally and far
Be ready, now or never
  • 1. or "that isn't singing your melody"
  • 2. or "the universe"
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A Melody That Can't Be Found

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