Laura Pausini - Mi libre canción (İngilizce translation)

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My Free Song

Its a world that,
Lives without love,
Its you
My free,
And the immensity,
Opens all around,
Passes the limit of the heart,
Born is the feeling,
In half of the cry,
And it goes very high,
And goes...
And flies over gestures of the people,
To all the noblest of uncaring,
Distances the warm kiss of love,
Of pure love...
In a world that,
Is a prisoner,
We breathed free,
You and I,
But the truth,
Nothing shines today,
And shining your music, sounded...
New sensations,
New emotions,
Are expressed now purely, in me.
Y the hair of the ghost of the past,
Falling leaves the frame immaculate
Lifts a timid wind of love,
Of pure love...I cover myself in you,
Sweet love that, doesn't know the way,
Doesn't know what of me,
At your side I will come. If you want...
Falls one day the wall,
Covered with forest roses,
Relives or not, elevates or not...
Forest abandoned
And for that surviving virgin
Opens or not, closes or not...
In a world that,
Is a prisoner...
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Mi libre canción

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