Sopor Æternus & the Ensemble of Shadows - Minnesang (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Love Song

Oh how much he'd like to tell you
About the world and the way he sees it
But how could he talk about something
He doesn't understand at all?
How much he'd like to sing to you
About the love that permeates everything
But all he's got is his lonely lament
For he hasn't experienced it for even a single day
Oh how much he'd like to praise1
The infinite happiness of freedom
But if he did, his own chains
Would betray his words with every step
His life is oh so safe and sound
This allows him
To lie down in pain in the dark
Cherishing nothing but his sadness
Love song2, oh love song
Our butts are fat, our noses are long3
This song is about nothing
For simple-mindedness produces nothing after all
Of all the melodies
He picked the saddest one for himself
For it resembles his self so much
And the immeasurable pain that's tormenting him
A fable about monsters and fairies
Of heroes4, too, and magic powers
Of destiny, of coincidence and miracles
And the sleeper who awakens in the end
Yes, all of this is already written in the book
Called destiny
And although it has been created ages ago
Nobody knows the way it's gonna end
A book that clouds itself in silence
Whose lines are only created as you read them
So that the curious hand leafing through it
May see nothing but empty pages
Love song, oh love song
When the end is near
We are terribly scared
This song is about nothing
For simple-mindedness produces nothing after all
  • 1. This line must be read in connection with the next, otherwise it'd translate to "How much he'd like to praise you".
  • 2. "Minnesang" also refers to the art of singing love songs.
  • 3. Refers to Pinocchio, a living wooden puppet whose nose would elongate whenever he tells a lie. More freely translated as "We are lazy and we are liars".
  • 4. Probably an error in the German source, "Helden" makes more sense than "Heiden" ("heathens").
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