Over the edge

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Meanings of "Over the edge"


Stanje kad netko izgubi kontrolu i postane psihički nestabilan.

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Into a mental or emotional state that makes someone completely lose control; into a state of emotional instability

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"Over the edge" in lyrics

Post Malone - Goodbyes

80 proof in my veins
And my fingertips stained
Lookin' over the edge
Don't fuck with me tonight

Polina Gagarina - Melancholy

Thousand times per second, the heart is beating like crazy
Again the sadness flows like a river over the edge
The people are passing by and all that's left instead of them

La Caution - The A La Menthe

They need an Arab, a black, what you will, in short something concrete!
One is lucky never to be taken seriously . . .
Approach vice without ever going over the edge.
Modeling our long life on the flight of an angel . .

Alekseev - Forever

Fly up high
We are together
We will step over the edge
Only with you

Juke Ross - Fresh Roses

Funny how things work, how my world was upside down

And though the fear within my heart still drives me over the edge
It is you that I want to hold me in bed

Noize MC - Childfree

I'm not that bad, I need to go to heaven!"
Satan, it's not the first time he's heard this shit
From wine glasses, a strong infusion pours over the edge
Straight into his mouth, that's all, he drinks an aperitif

BoTalks - Fuck It

Fuck it, I don't wanna be your friend
I'm missing you and I don't care what anybody says
So come on, take a leap over the edge
'Cause I don't wanna die, wishing you were mine, no

Finntroll - Sun Saga

She drew a line
With a tearing arm
Over the edge of the skies
Down to hottest depths

Julia Volkova - Love is a Bitch

I have seen the signs, heaven and hell
Her eyes, they're call and hurt me
By her desire over the edge

Unge Ferrari - Balcony

I hope heaven hears me now

Oooh, leaning over the edge
Balcony, Balcony

Lars Winnerbäck - Kom Änglar

And I would have done anything to hear that thought
But me, I was silently laying in bed, so salvaged from the dangerous verge
I sort of fell over the edge

Andra - Spoke

Push me over the edge do you feel better
One more time,
Push me over the edge do you feel better
Just blow my mind;

Arkona - Arkona

Let's avenge the fallen city!

Over the edge of eternity
Let's stand in the guard of the years

Al James - Rest

Verse 1:
Are you tired and had enough of being in pain?
Over the edge, come and I'll light that up.
Let's watch until the morning, the movie that you want

Iyeoka - Who Would Follow

And the meanings of where I am supposed to be

I saw myself standing over the edge
Hoping something would hold me

Slot - From dusk till dawn

Dreams wake up piece by piece
Like snow over the edge
The whisper tears me up inside

Bring Me the Horizon - Doomed

So come rain on my parade
Cause I want to feel it
Come show me over the edge
Cause my head is in overdrive

Melnitsa - Tamerlane's Doors

Born in winds,
Spiced in downpours.
Over the edge of the jug
The milk pours into the sky;

Ultra Bra - I will protect you from anything

I have gotten lost in Latvia
And walked over the edge of the city
I thought I would disappear

Twisted Machine - In the Mirror

I’m looking at the me in the mirror, and the face looking back gives me a chill.
In the black of night I can’t sleep, just slowly wipe away the tears.
This anxious mood is pushing me over the edge.
This tear-stained face shows the weight of many years.