Подмосковные вечера (Podmoskovnye vechera) (İngilizce çevirisi)

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Moscow Nights

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In the garden, not a sigh is heard
All is gently stilled 'till the dawn
If you only knew what they mean to me,
These peaceful Moscow nights
How the river moves, and yet does not move
All made silvery-bright by the moon
How a song is heard, and yet is unheard
In these quiet evening times
Darling, why do you look at me askance
With your lovely head bent so low?
Oh how hard to speak, and yet not to speak
Of what lies on my heart tonight
Ever brighter now, shines the rising sun
So my darling, please, be so kind -
Keep them in your heart, as I always will,
These Moscow summer's nights
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Подмосковные вечера (Podmoskovnye vechera)

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