Poltava (English) (İngilizce (Orta İngilizce) çevirisi)

İngilizce (Orta İngilizce) çevirisiİngilizce (Orta İngilizce)


Time hath wered the soldiours doun
Marched for mani miles
In the estern lands so cursede
Time to maken an stonde
Tsar hath scorched his naciouns land
Nothyng to ben fond
Hunger graspeth the soldiours herte
20 000 men strong
Listeneth, excuseth for an kyng
Trusteth me, this fight you connen nat winnen
Ridden to certain deth and peine
Swedishe soldiours mete their bane
Sacrificede theire lives in vein
In the shade of mornyng mist
Men avauncen on their fo
Bullets breken the silent air
Wasted battailplan
Swedishe forces standen alone
Kyng hath left commaund
Rule byth left to lessere men
Waiten for their chaunce
Listeneth, obeieth myn commaund
Hereth me, or diyeth bi myn honde
Russiane armes stoppede their wai
20 000 losed that dai
Thei bled the ground
Pes thei fonde
There bith ne signe of victorie
Kyng Carolus havede to flen
And leven the land
Leven commaund
Madnesse, curseth your febel orde
Fereth me, you shullen diyen bi myn sword
by Void Lord
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Poltava (English)

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