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  • Sanatçı: Lil Peep
  • Albüm: Come Over When Your Sober
  • Şarkı: Just In Case
  • Çeviriler: Rusça
  • İstek: İngilizce → Türkçe
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    Can someone plz translate this also ❤️


Just In Case

I try to live life so painless
Sing it with me, sing it with me
Everybody sing it with me
Grab my gun and bring it with me
Just in case I wanna die
Put it on me, put it on me
Love it when you put it on me
Look at how she put it on me
That shit made me wanna cry
That shit made me wanna cry
Ekleyenin yorumları:

“Just in Case” is an unreleased song by Lil Peep that was revealed by SinceWhen on a Peep-related Discord server. The only fact known about this song are that it’s produced by Smokeasac and Dylan Cooper, and was made shortly before the release of Peep’s first album Come Over When You’re Sober in 2017. The song was initially recorded for the album, but didn’t make its tracklist for unknown reasons.



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