lütfen "Katana" çevirisine yardım edin



Baby girl, she be sharp like katana
Wrong move, she might heat you like a sauna
Oouh, I be scared to say I want her
'Cus she doing too much in the summer
Hundreds on me, I be counting to the commas
Don't hit my line, lose my number
You're dangerous, but it's no wonder I'm
Why I'm never gonna leave you for another one
[Verse 1:]
Know she loves to see me stressing
She be talking shit so that I hit it more aggressive
Wait, you too good for just one time, I'm back for seconds
Baby I'm hooked, but I know that shit was your intention
I don't flex, I wanna be humble, but you making it so hard to
You make me a savage like every time that I fall through
Rip my heart to pieces, girl you tore that shit apart
Boyfriend talking shit I swear that he don't wanna start too
You, tell me lies, tell me lies, you'll be mine
I'm so young, I'm so dumb, I'm so lost, I'm so blind
It's not alright
How was I doing, alright?
Thought I was fucking you right
Baby, you switched on me
Like I wasn't your type
Baby I'm done with it, I said I'm done with it
She throw it back and i have to go dumb with it
Come to my senses whenever I'm cumming and
I know she got me tweaking on some other shit
[Verse 2:]
Fuck you, fuck your friends
I should probably go ahead and fuck your friends
See your man, I promise that we gon throw hands
Fuck him up, he call the cops, I jump your fence
I know that you bad for me, don't hide that shit!
Wanted to love you right, I wanted to try that shit
Come to find out you ain't nothing but a savage
Tryna break you back, you ain't never break a habit


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