Säkenöivä voima (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

Gleaming power

An animal lives, a human wonders
Everybody wants to live,
Out of gleaming power
Everybody wants to live, out of gleaming power
Everybody wants to live, out of gleaming power
In gleaming power, out of gleaming power
A whale starts to get scared,
A whale starts to shine,
Effects of a bright day:
We are all animals
A whale makes one feel pity,
Evil makes one talk,
A whale rushes to prevent(it)
When a body yearns for meat
For ugly,bad meat
We are all animals
A body of a stone man
Is no stone at all
A body of a stone woman
Is dripping blood scared
The stone children too
Are entirely made of stone
We are all animals!
Everybody wants!
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Säkenöivä voima

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