เซโรงัง (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation


Found the lost wallet, but there were no big banks note inside
Wanna go to the mountain, but there is no fuel in my car
Big big woe, dragged all of my fortune
Come come as a bunch, altogether on every Wednesday
Wanna watch the (soccer) match but it wasn't fun (as I thought), all (snooker) balls were potted, my car was pounded
*It has been a bad day (say-ro-ngung) since the morning. it has been a big big woe.
This is overcompensated, painful than tincture
The steakhouse was also closed. I now can eat only water chestnuts
Keeping my look as 'feeling full' - slim body
**But when I travel with you, I have never ever faced the unfortunateness
When having fun with you, we were fun foremost thru the night
Luxurious wine, it was expired and I don't even know how to open
Wanna go to heaven, but it will be hell, if I forget to go to (Buddhist) temple
(Wanna dance with you, be extremely crazy, I will be extremely wholeheartedly happy)
* = Repeat
== This translation was done by Chutinon Putthiwanit. In case you would like to reprint it, please kindly cite my name as its author ==
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In Thai language, when making compound noun, unlike English, we usually put the main noun in front and the less important noun after. For example, instead of 'Phone Card', we'd rather say 'Card Phone'. This is also applied to the case of noun and adjective such as 'Big Fish', we then say 'Fish Big'.

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