step away from

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Idiomatic translations of "step away from"

на волосок от

Meanings of "step away from"


too close to something

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Bir şeye çok yakın (olmak).

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"step away from" in lyrics

Tima Belorusskikh - Vitaminka

My immunity is stable because of you
Because of you I've been able to breath smoothly
So now I won't take a step away from you
So I don't worry my soul

Ultimo - Planets

That I was one step away from losing you
But you were one step away from losing that
For all those nights when I lost you and I do not even know why

MinaCelentano - A Step Away From You

Certainly, you are so appealing
and your perfume clouds my mind.
You are a step away from me.

NCT 127 - No Longer (All Of My Moments)

So the word keeps me
One step away from you
But why is the tear flowing now?

Elissa - Tired of You

If you thought of leaving
I'd miss you before you took one step away from me
Yet, you ridicule me

EXO - Growl

A dark shadow has woken up inside of me
Sparks fly in my eyes as I look at you
Everyone step away from her (step away)
It’s going to get fierce from now on

Luis Fonsi - I Won't Surrender

Who would teach me what I didn't learn from life
That each new day is brighter
Because I'm only a step away from being happy
Because the heart raises a raging storm within

Die Antwoord - Drunk as Fuck

Oh, fuck!
This is the police!
Sir, step away from the girl!
Look at you now, you're a fuckin' pussy!

Luis Fonsi - I won't give up

And teach me what I haven't learn from this life.
Which shines brighter every day,
Because I'm just one step away from gaining joy
Because my heart raise like raging storm

K.A.R.D. - Don't Recall

Step away from me, go away
It’s annoying and dirty
Get off, don’t touch my body

Sigrid und Marina - Giving roses in Tyrol

If two people see each other with pleasure
If they understand each other
And both don't have the courage
to say "I love you"

Eugenio in Via di Gioia - Somewhere else

I'll be lost somewhere else
in one step away from the city
who knows where

Oliver Dragojević - Without you

I was only a step away from hitting the bottom
when you reached out your hand
I was standing alone in the rain
when you opened your door

Alacranes Musical - For loving you like this

For loving you this way,
One step away from your mouth
Without being able to kiss it

НАZИМА - I'm Yours

I'm all yours

With you, a step away from the cliff
without any fear of heights

Jala Brat - Ultimatum

and your skin is like a canvas and this room like an atelier
colours are slipping down like tears, every touch is meaningful
a step away from crisis with you, and without you, I suffer from everything

B.A.P (South Korea) - HANDS UP

Go Hands up
Go Hands up
Go Hands up
Go Hands up

Lewis Capaldi - Hollywood

Oh, and you know I would if I could
Maybe I spend more time in Hollywood than I should
So tell me honey, oh, when you're just a step away from fallin' apart
Do you ever feel like goin' back to the start?

Heathers (Musical) - Dead Girl Walking (Reprise)

Step away from the bomb

Fabrizio Moro - I need to believe

But what makes humans
If not a limit
A step away from the anger that we had and that is no more
I need to believe