Suljetun osaston astronautti (İngilizce translation)

İngilizce translation

The Astronaut of the Closed Ward

I'm the girl astronaut who enjoyed pills
A jarful for feeling depressed
No one wanted me so I flew to the Milky Way by the powder puff cloud as white as cocaine
Now I hug the moon, Saturn, Pluto and Uranus
I'm the girl astronaut who again and again returns bound to the closed ward
A straight shirt isn't a bridesmaids dress
The nurses say "tut-tut-tut"
Until I return home everything will be like it was before
I stole a car, the idea was tasteless, I drove into the window of a jewellery shop
The emergency lights curved around the corner, the police surrounded the store, handcuffed I was carried to the police van
At the station I took the seargeant's revolver, with a Magnum I threatened people, I shot a police in the leg, I ran to the toilet and passed out there, I finally woke up next to the wall of the lockup
I kicked, hit and cried, I crawled along the floor of the jail, I bit the bard, I ate glass shards, once again they forced me to bed rest in a mental hospital
I bit the nurse on purpose
Finally I drifted into a reposeful sleep
Until I return home everything will be like it was before
Now I'm a pornstar, who ledt to Reperbahn, to work in my very own glass showcase
"There's only a quarter of an hour until death", said my nurse Martti, part of my machinery is worn out
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Very prose-like language that uses lots of slang, lots of this translation is connotative


Suljetun osaston astronautti

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