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  • Şarkıcı: Panos & Haris Katsimihas brothers (Αδελφοί Κατσιμίχα Πάνος και Χάρης)
  • Şarkı: Sxima Logou 2 çeviri
  • Çeviriler: Felemenkçe, İngilizce
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Figure of speech

There is no reason to mention the reason1
I have already complied to this saying2
yet look, Troy is still on fire
yet look, Adolf is hoisting up the swastika
Victory, victory, victory
We are all roommates in madness
and I have no money to pay the rent
last year's girlfriend of ours was wearing a black wedding dress
and this saying belongs to her3
There is no reason to hoist up the reason4
the reason is raw food for ravens5
yet look, they are still defending Rome
yet look, Hannibals with holes on their chests
Victory, victory, victory
We are all roommates in madness...
The reason is rotting away, is being consumed6
About this reason, no one talks7
yet look, Oedipus is blinding himself
yet look, Salome is stripping off her veil
Victory, victory, victory
  • 1. There are no words to describe this reason
  • 2. I have already paid my respect to this reason
  • 3. this reason/point of view belongs to her
  • 4. There are no words to support logic
  • 5. speech is raw food for ravens
  • 6. speech is rotting away, is being consumed
  • 7. about this speech no one talks
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The meaning of the lyrics is somewhat ambiguous. The reason is that the Greek word "logos" can be translated as reason, or speech, or saying, or point of view or a lot of other things. In the annotations, I tried to give an alternative translation, which might help in forming a more spherical view of the concept.

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Sxima Logou

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