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It Hurts Deep In The Heart

Mummy, I don't want to go to school
Mummy, I'm always alone
Nobody cares about me
I always play alone
Mummy, why do the others always pick on me?
Hey mum, I want a new video
Mum, d'ya know where our dad is?
I don't want to read or spell, nor open my heart
Hey mum, I ain't going to school no more
Often it's hard to begin one's life
To fly with such small wings
Oh how it aches
Who could I tell?
Deep in my heart, it hurts
It hurts, as small shoulders lower
It aches, and it's hard to find a cure for
The bullies arrive, the show can begin
It hurts, as I watch it as an onlooker
He's standing alone on recess again
So alone, away from the games of the others
Little Zorros, little princesses
Soon will become adults
They will retaliate, and you can't buy their hearts
Oh how it hurts
The others don't understand
Deep in my heart, it hurts
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Syvälle sydämeen sattuu

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