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Tant sola tu (İngilizce çevirisi)

  • Sanatçı: Catalan Folk Eşlik eden sanatçı: Sis Veus
  • Şarkı: Tant sola tu Albüm: Homenatge a Vicent Andrés Estellés (2013)
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Tant sola tu

Mires lluny, se t'escapen, a penes, unes llàgrimes,
Sents com et puja als ulls una tristor antiga,
Uns origens de selva, de lluna, i arbre, i terra...
Tant sola tu
Quan el vespre, pel cim, rodola...
A penes arbre al mig de l'huracà!
Tant sola...
(A penes arbre al mig de l'huracà!)
Tant sola tu
Mentre cride i el món s'assola
I el dol que em puja és com un fum espès.
Tant sola...
(I el dol que em puja és com un fum espès!)
Tant sola tu
És la meua veu com la pedra
I sent com sona quan cau dintre l'aljub.
Tant sola...
(i sent com sona quan cau dintre l'aljub!)
Tant sola tu
I jo em perd al Pirineu de dol:
Sempre hi ha un bri, un estel i un rierol.
Tant sola...
(Sempre hi ha un bri, un estel i un rierol!)
Tant sola tu...
Mentrestant el cor se m'esvara
Vers tu o la Mort, inextingiblement.
Tant sola...
(Vers tu o la Mort, inextingiblement!)
MetodiusMetodius tarafından Cum, 21/01/2022 - 20:55 tarihinde eklendi
Ekleyenin yorumları:

The lyrics to this song are adapted from the book Testimoni d'Horaci (1981), by Valencian poet Vicent Andrés i Estellés (4 September 1924 in Burjassot, Valencia – 27 March 1993 in Valencia).

Also, please note that the text above is writen in the Valencian dialect, which is very strongly influenced by Spanish.

İngilizce çevirisiİngilizce
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All On Your Own

You look afar, a few tears that you couldn't hold back fall,
You feel how an ancient sorrow climbs up to your eyes,
Our origins from the jungle, the moon, and trees, and the earth...
All on your own
When the evening rolls down the mountain top...
You're but a tree amidst the hurricane!
So alone...
(You're but a tree amidst the hurricane!)
All on your own
As I scream and the world is devastated
And the grief that arises within me is like thick smoke.
So alone...
(And the grief that arises within me is like thick smoke!)
All on your own
My voice is like stone
And I hear how it sounds when it falls into the well.
So alone...
(And I hear how it sounds when it falls into the well!)
All on your own
And I get lost in the grievous Pyrenees:
There's always a thread of light, a star and a brook.
So alone...
(There's always a thread of light, a star and a brook!)
All on your own...
Meanwhile, my heart flows
Towards you or Death, unstoppably.
So alone...
(Towards you or Death, unstoppably!)
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It's a pity that someone doesn't know about you and what you choose and ttandlate

MetodiusMetodius    Çarş, 26/01/2022 - 11:56

Good afternoon, Ali!

Thank you very much for your vote! That is extremely kind of you Regular smile

I don't understand your comment, though! I just try to share songs that I like, hoping that everyone here will appreciate them.

Well, have a lovely day, my dear friend! Regular smile

All PrometeAll Promete    Perş, 27/01/2022 - 11:56

That was" translate "
And was my awful mistake
And l mean
What you choose and translate
And your poems are great
And wish you a good weekend

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